Just received my Analog Drive today!

Managed to get a $99 deal from a vendor on Reverb (and yes, they are already sold out).

So far, I am quite pleased.

Although I’ll be trying this with my other Elektron gear, I first plugged it into a small Fender amp, clean channel, and gave it a go with one of my guitars.

Every mode sounds good, and some sound downright great. Admittedly, I think it will respond even better to one of my other guitars with passive pickups, but still, a very positive first impression.

Side note, I did notice a little bit of noise in some modes, especially the … uh … mythical creature mode, but I was able to tame that with some adjustments. I don’t think I’ll need a noise gate or anything, and for grab-and-go small-scale live playing, I really dig the idea that I can have such a variety of GOOD, real analog distortions in a single box. The Analog Drive, my little Fender with reverb and a guitar is all I need for many situations.

Now I’m off to give it a try with my Digitakt/Digitone setup … :wink:


Congrats on a great deal! Curious to see how it will sound with your Digitone. Keep us posted.

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