Just ordered OT, whats next..?

Finally about to receive my Octatrack and I am very excited! I have worked with DT so a bit familiar with elektron workflow.

Any suggestions on what parts of OT i should learn first and in what order to start building a solid understanding of the Octatrack?



Welcome, Roman. The Quick Guide produced by Elektron gives a fantastic overview. Go through it all with the OT in front of you. Try every instruction, slowly if needs be, even if you feel like you want to skip something. It goes over most of the main features using demo mode and explains things very clearly imo:

After that, move on to the main manual and start sampling things on a fresh project :slightly_smiling_face:


Do it bit by bit.

Start with just playing loops and samples, understand how they interact

Move to learning about scenes, whilst using loops and samples

Next try neighbour tracks and see how they can work with loops and samples.

Spend time with these until you are confident that.

Then move onto something else - thru machines maybe? Controlling external gear?

When you have all that down, then start to look at sampling. Having a foundation in how the basics work, can really help when it comes to doing what it’s made to do- sample.


Read “Merlin’s guide”, it’s awesome. I cannot post a link now but I am sure a quick google search will reveal.


I got you, fam: A polished version of Merlin's OT guide here


Thanks, will give that a try!


What’s next?
Quit your job, girl friend and other stuff!


Take your time, have fun, and try not to get married to any BIG plans for you and the OT just yet. Just have a lot of fun, make a lot of mistakes, learn in bit’s and pieces.
When you find something fun to do, exploit it and record it.


Will Tal a look, thanks!

Lol, I hear ya…

Been mulling over doing the same thing for the last month or so. The Octatrack fascinates me, but it’s been out for so long now I’m torn between deciding to pull the trigger or wait it out and hope a new iteration appears in the not too distant future.

Hope you have fun with yours.

Yes, was very torn as well but Who knows how long we might wait for the next version…

True say. It may never happen… I’ve got loads of gear at home but at the moment I only have eyes for Digitakt. I find it so easy to use and it’s limitations seem to really promote creativity and Lateral thinking. So I’m also wary of adding another complex option that takes me back to the daw issue of “too much choice”

I’ll keep an eye out for updates on how you get on as a new user.

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Welcome to the OT family! I just got mine a few weeks ago. It’s an insanely rewarding piece of gear. I think the best thing you can do is get familiar with the memory structure. It functions quite differently than the DT’s. Try to wrap your head around what Banks, Parts, Scenes, and Patterns do on the OT and you’ll be ahead of the curve. Then try out all the effects so you know what you’re working with and have the manual open so you can reference it–I found some things very intuitive and others extremely counter-intuitive. Finally, try sampling, editing, and sequencing some random audio and be amazed at the OT’s power. Getting familiar and quick with the editor is a good use of time.
I hope you love it :slight_smile:


I doubt there will be a new version (aside from hardware parts becoming unavailable and a Mkiii version coming along to keep it in circulation). Eventually, I see it going the way of Monomachine and Machinedrum (i.e. being retired). But it’s a modern(ish) classic, so embrace its awesomeness now! :slight_smile:

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Start making sample chains with Octachainer.


I’d say that’s a far in advance next step to be honest. Learning the box on its own is more important for a beginner :slight_smile:


Thank you all for a great advice, will be utilizing all of the tips here!

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The Dataline tutorial is a must once you get rolling.

That’s a track by a master not a tutorial :slight_smile: