Juno-6 sound on Digitone

Greetings gentlemen! I really love this Juno-6 80’s voice (on video from 0:24) . I’m a newcomer to the world of synthesizer. Please advise me how recreate on Digitone this sound?

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You’re trying to recreate an analog subtractive synth with an FM digital synth. Whatever you program on the DN will never be as close to the original sounds as to be indistinguishable. Buy a JU-06A instead.


Could be an interesting programming challenge though


it’s pretty deep in the mix. I bet you can get something similar on the digitone

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For sure, but as OP said he’s a beginner, sounds like a world of pain to me haha

  • First start with a saw wave

(How : Saw wave with Digitone?)

  • Apply some heavy high pass filtering on Digitone’s second filter page

  • Apply a bit of low pass filtering + add a bunch of resonance (20~30%)

  • Set a longer decay or release on the filter ADSR

  • Apply ADSR depth on the filter

  • Add a bunch of chorus, some delay and reverb

  • Add some release on the AMP ADSR

Maybe some 2 voice unison and filter key tracking can help tweak the sound further

Sure it won’t sound exactly like a Juno but imho you get the idea

Digitone has all the elements for subtractive synthesis, it’s not exclusively FM


I heard somewhere that the Digitone chorus is inspired by the Juno 106 / 60 chorus

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Just loaded up the “Basic Saw” preset, increased release a bit, slower attack, unison set to 2, high pass filter and some chorus. Sounds great for saw pad style chords. Gets juno-esque


I’ve discovered this and it’s deep and warm. Great!.
I’m looking for a sound pack or tips to get “analog sounds” from Digitone.
Well… it’s not designed for that, but I’m sure is possible to get some sounds near to the analog flavour.


Anyone found any sound pack or tips to approach that kind of sound ?

I think you can get close. The digitone is incredible
Close enough for people that aren’t die hard.

Atleast in the ballpark. I couldn’t tell you but I’m sure people here can tell you how. I know I’ve gotten in the ball park a few times while dicking around with it

Sorry for the self promo, but this track I did contains a Juno style pad. I’ve never owned a Juno, so take this with a grain of salt. I think the Digitone does a good job of pads, perhaps not great though.


nice track! nice pad

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Digitone can definitely do some nice warm analog sounding pads.

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I spent some time getting a Juno-ish sound running my SH-01A through the DN’s chorus and found while the chorus doesn’t have the same swirly lushness of a Juno (my experience is with JU-06 and TAL u-no-lx, so I only know emulations), it gets close enough for the pad sound I was going for.

I then tried replicating the SH-01A patch on the Digitone, using -6ish Harmonics to get a saw-ish C operator, with added feedback… I think somewhere between 60-80, and B operator at 0.50 to use as a sub, and I think I then used B modulation level to try shaping the sub sound to something more square-like, or at least something that isn’t a sine and retains its pitch. I don’t remember which algorithm I used but I think feedback only affects operator C on a few, if that, so it was probably the first one which can do that (still getting familiar with the DN).

Once I had the oscillators set to a similar enough setting I tried replicating the filter settings, which had a quick-ish attack, long decay and release to open the filter fairly high then back down with a decent amount of resonance, and found the DN is not going to come close to the richness of Roland’s filters, but when I dialed the filter envelope back I ended up getting to a point where I’d use the DN version over the SH-01A because it was plenty close, had a bit of its own thing going on, and I want to use the DN live, so the more I can keep within it the better.

So in summary, I went about replicating a Juno sound with the SH-01A, which I know to provide a solid chorus-less Juno base sound, and with the Digitone, both through the DN chorus, and found the DN can get the Juno vibe close enough, but higher filter resonance settings aren’t going to grab the oscillators and do whatever gloriousness the Roland filters do. The DN filters aren’t bad if you aren’t making comparisons, so I think trying to get as rich and buzzy of an oscillator sound you can, then using LP4 and plenty of chorus will get you there unless you’re really obsessed with the Juno sound and feature it at the front of a mix. The Digitone does it pretty damn well for a FM synth though!


I may try this. I have an SH01A sitting in the box which I might try to replicate this. Although I feel like my Reface CS gets the closest to Juno style pads. Maybe I just need to take the plunge and buy that Alpha Juno 1 I’ve been eyeballing.

Anybody try Unison on the these pad sounds on Digitone? That might help with the thickness and spread.

Isn’t the ju 06a digital? Also I believe the DN has more voices.

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I would say that you should focus on making relatively simple and unchanging waves from the fm section, but focus on the filter. The filter is very good (for digital), and is a huge part of analog synth sounds.

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That’s wicked - picked up the album. Bandcamp FTW

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So oddly enough even though the LP4 filter is more true to synths I find the resonance on the 2 pole filter to be noticeably stronger. Might be worth a look for sounds with high resonance.