Jungle on the OT

Just recently got the OT so bear with me…but I’ve started trying to make tunes with it. Using the OT, Virus Ti Snow, some drum breaks and a few other samples. Here’s the latest in my exploration of this brilliant machine!



nice, I like it! Great sounds and break, that distorted bass is sampled or from Virus?

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Sounds awesome. Love the chopping up and effects on the breaks and the overall atmosphere. Listened on my iPad so I’ll give it a proper listen on headphones later :slight_smile: Nice one!

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Cheers. Yes, and the virus also created the pads. It’s a pretty great synth.

Thanks tdmusic :slightly_smiling_face:

Good to Hear more OT Jungle!
Here is some I made a while back https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9owy_m1dQlY


Really enjoyed that, thanks for sharing it!

Put this together today. All Virus and 2 breaks. Sounds ok so far :sweat_smile:


Tight! Octatrack is way too much fun huh?

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Yea, pretty great

Man this is inspiring. What are you mapping with the crossfader exactly? So good!

Great stuff! A kinda DJ Crystl vibe, love it.

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Lots of different scenes going on, but nothing too complicated. For the most party, it is amp volume gating with the fader. So for example:
Scene A-> track 1 volume 0, track 2 volume -64(muted)
Scene B -> track 1 volume -64 (muted), track 2 volume 0


Pushed out a couple more…hope you enjoy :wink:



Great tunes and incredible work rate. I doff my cap!

Have you linked up your Virus with the OT via midi with the cables I handed over to you midweek?

I haven’t looked into it yet but I know that the Virus has multiple midi channels so you could sequence a kick, baseline, and pass from the OT. The OT has 8 midi channels.

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It is linked up! Thanks for those very much :slight_smile:
Still kind of struggling to get it to work how I would like it to but I’m able to use it without too much trouble l, sampling, midi, etc!

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This forum is great for any answers. Like we told each other in the week… just forget the DAW.

I can’t wait for Saturday!