Joseph Hyde on MachineDrum at Sonicstate

On Sonic State now:


Just wanted to share this … :smiley:


Yeah, just saw it too! Really cool video, the pedals are a good idea but they’re a bit much in my opinion, love the song otherwise!

Really liked the discussion about the Machinedrum as a modular synthesiser. It’s an interesting metaphor and a great tribute to the designers that there are so many ways to approach it.


This was really interesting, and the performance was good. I was casually watching until the performance, and then I realized he’s missing a thumb too! Making things work with a disability, really awesome.

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Nice talk and demo! Shows why the MD has been my best friend for 15years :slight_smile:

Musically i didn t like it so much. Gets better by the end.

I think more than a few nauts could have done a better MD only set.


Long live the Machinedrum!


I enjoyed the chat more than the music. I laughed when he said its really hard to own a Machinedrum and not end up sounding like Autechre…
But like SH101s, its almost impossible not to end up sounding like Boards of Canada.

Simple set ups rule!

MD for life. you can prise it from my cold dead hands.

Elektron, machinedrum mk3 with updated sequencer screen & overbridge pls.
How hard can that be? :sunglasses:

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Chances are Behringer will make one soon :wink:


Ill buy it :slight_smile:

worth the watching :slight_smile: