JoMoX Alpha Base Analog Drum Synthesizer


It obviously sounds good to me though. The quality of the tones that is.


@Prints Sure we be cool to hear it in the hands of someone that knows whats up :slight_smile:


These things are practically homemade, the guy does absolutely everything, even packages them himself…
I highly doubt he’s making much money. It’s good to consider what the money goes to instead of simply what you get for it compared to what you could get for a similar amount elsewhere. Elektron has many employees and makes money, this guy is practically designing and building things as community service.
He’s the underdog, if people don’t support these kind of endeavors it slowly closes the door for up and coming independant designers and leaves us with only mass produced products from big companies…
I think supporting this guy is a good move…


Yes but from all reports I have read the guy is an asshole with questionable customer service, which doesn’t help his venture.
As always best to do your own research, and make up your own mind.


Hmm, I don’t know too much about him, I just know that he does practically everything himself and like the idea of supporting the underdogs…
(I haven’t bought any gear in years and won’t be getting one.)


Definitely agree in supporting the underdog and sticking it to the big guns.
I just have a feeling that the way his business seems to be managed could lead to problems, or this guy could wake up one day, be over it all, and abandon ship, leaving customers in the lurch.
Don’t have a clue on his profitability etc, he could be making billions for all I know? It’s just the way I see it.
Not enough confidence in the brand for me unfortunately.


Trust is also a important thing regarding the whole process…

Today we have a better after-sales service with the guarantees of 3 years of music stores than the brands themselves … it’s a little upside down in my opinion. And quite honestly, no company is willing to settle people but try to negotiate every request. (We can understand that of course but it say loud on one thing : don’t think the music company can be a team in your musical project it’s not. With one exception : if you can gives some things in his own development because you’re popular…

The famous one : we only gives to the rich it is not a myth. Which is a shame i admit.
But we are no kids anymore and we know that since a long long time :wink:

My nasal polyps are pushing back and put me in a bad mood, I’m always frank like a knife when it’s happen… ( will try to not reply shit here in the next day, anyway I’m focused on the LOWEND 101 Booklet which is very nice I guess regarding the situation ) enjoy it but do not flag me please :joy:


That’s deep man. Had a bunch of beers and can’t decipher it at the moment.
Will try when I’m sober :thinking: :beer: :joy:


My experiences with his products and trying to deal with him about issues I found led me to this same conclusion and as a result I have yet to purchase another product from him, no matter how good they sounded.

With that being said, the AlphaBase sounds good (to me) and if the OS proves to be complete and stable, I may be willing to take another chance this many years later. I for sure am not going to be an early adopter and may wait until the second run (if it occurs) to see if possible firmware issues like the bleedthrough some have reported has been addressed.


yeah, I don’t have the 1500 bucks to spare for supporting an independent designer in exchange for a drum machine that I will hate to use.


It seems that knobby FM synths are the realm of the small guy, so Jomox gets some support from me. :content:


Mine arrives in 2 days! One of my first goals is to really dig into that FM synth because I’m convinced that with the right settings, it has to be capable of doing a lot more than just clangy sounds.


Demos of course would be greatly appreciated. :cool:


that’s the exact impression i’ve had, both from the spec sheet and many videos — not least that perfect circuit video a few posts back.

will be very curious to hear your impressions as well as any recordings you make time to post. that pc video seems to be one of the few that has proper sound quality but it ends far too quickly.


I think it would’ve been incredible if Jürgen allowed the FM synth to be routed through the analog filters.


It’s finally here! Sounds spectacular; very pleased so far. I have all evening to play with it too :sunglasses:


This kick is perfect for me, and this Mbrane (I’ve never tried one before) & FM synth are crazy. It’s gonna take me a bit of time to get my head around them.


Ok, I’m too excited about this thing to wait to talk about it. It has made an incredible first impression upon me.

Now, that I think about it, I’ve owned 3 Jomox products before. I owned the Jomox 09, Jomox 888, and an Mbase 01. So I did have an idea of what I was getting myself into.

The buttons feel the same as what I can recall from the 888, which I liked. Nice, clunky, solid feel to the buttons. The knobs feel different though, smoother I think. I like the encoders; I feel a nice sense of control scrolling through the numbers.

The sound is crazy good. Really hi-fi and euphonic. Has this polished sound like it’s going through transformers or something.

The Mbrane isn’t really doing it for me as a source of snappy sounds, but it is capable of interesting organic percussive sounds that seem like they’d be good for layering with other sounds/samples.

The FM synth is best used for really strange digital noise. It does the most unexpected things lol. This one intrigues me; I’ll have to report back later.

That’s it for now. I’m going to jam some more.


Some challenges (if you choose to accept):

  • recreate a 4-op patch (eg TX81z) using the FM synth
  • compare the results of running a variety of sampled material through the HHfilter+VCA, MMfilter+VCA, and X Sample channels
  • create melodic parts using the Oxford Overdrive and Immortal Waves single cycle wave forms
  • create a full drum part based on the Mbrane channel
  • post the results of the above here!

Obviously no pressure or timeframe. :wink: Really looking forward to your insights.


So this track was made with a Mbrane desktop as a high note almost screechy lead and sequenced from a jomox 888. it is soposed to be the same Mbrane in the alpha Base. I found the Mbane to be controllable after some messing with it also it was great at finding random modular experimental type sounds. But it will do drums.

(all the other drums and samples in here is 888 with a acid type bass line from A4)

when i get a alpha base ill post samples but not sure when that will be.