It's Almost Time... Don't Forget to Wear Your Masks

Halloween III: Season of the Witch is the best Halloween movie of all time (no discussion there ;)).
It turns out the Silver Shamrock company has a website. I wonder what the count down is to.


SotW is a great B-Horror film. Halloween is a great film period. Though SotW soundtrack is better (despite no Blue Oyster Cult).

Awesome website though.

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I read a great article last year (coinciding with the newest film release) about Carpenter’s overdubbing of a single mono synth to tape to create the huge dark brass type pads in Halloween 1 (besides the obvious iconic melody)… and there are some informative interviews out there with Alan Horwath discussing their collaboration process and evolution to midi devices on #3 …


I’m guessing everyone in this thread has been following the Gourley and Rust Halloween podcast?

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I haven’t! What’s the deal with that?

Check it out dude, if you’re a fan you’ll be loving it!