Is [TRACK] + [STOP] possible to do via MIDI?

is [TRACK] + [STOP] possible to do via MIDI? (direct stop, not “stop”)

No. But you can use MIDI notes to trigger tracks (see C.1 in the manual).

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Yep. I’ll add Plays Free Tracks can be quantized to Pattern Length, hence played synced like regular tracks, starting at pattern’s beginning only.
Hold mode > stop with Note Off
One 2 mode > stop with another Note On

What’s the difference ?

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the difference is that track+stop stops the loop immediately and stop (midi D3) stops after the bar is played

Still don’t get it. Midi D3 corresponds to Midi Track Play 3 trigger. :sketchy:

Sorry, i guess it should be E3 (note 64)

If recording on a pickup machine needs to be immidiately stopped then only track+stop does it right