Is Too Much Stuff Jammed into Digitakt?

I don’t know, is it just me, or is Too Much Stuff Jammed into Digitakt?
I’ve had one for about 4 months and tried learning it off and on, and am have difficulty with the different Mutes Midi and hidden levels, I’ll admit Im not the most patient person. I love what it can do, and its capabilities, but to me personally it feels it is trying to be everything all at once. A Sampler, sequencer, manipulated sound design module, FM, analog, FX, Parameter Locks, etc.

On the other hand, I enjoy my A4 MK2 and Machinedrum v2 format. Maybe I need to replace it with a dedicated sampler or sound module, like Novation Peak or other. The Digitakt is Cheaper, but not Cheap, I can’t afford it to be here for only using once in a while.
Just some thoughts. —


its too barebones imo.
lovely fast updated UI but it’s a bit too basic for my tastes.

it’s funny you like the MD & A4 but find DT a bit confusing. they’re way more complex. I guess it’s more about just getting used to where things are located on a new machine :slight_smile:


FM? Analog? What are you taking about? It’s a one shot sampler, and the workflow is incredibly intuitive for what you need. The bells and whistles are accessible, but tucked aside.

Honestly, how long have you spent with the machine?


Indeed it sounds like you’re talking about something else. DT is what you want it to be. I use it as a sampler/drum machine. Personally I think it has the most amazing workflow I have ever seen. The sound is amazing, and the simplicity and how logical everything is makes it the most amazing sampler I have ever seen. Hidden levels? Where? There are max 2 pages to dive in.


I’d say if anything, the DT could do with a few more LFOs and maybe a nice Chorus effect + BP filter…of all the Elektron boxes I own, I find the DT most straight forward & easy to use.


If you had a dream box that just did what you needed, what would it do?

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stilll dont get the purple lights, red, yellow, green all flashing at the same time. Thats complexity in my book.


how about a stand alone stereo sampler?

Easy yes, but jam packed is not always a good thing, that’s what I meant.

Lights. Green, red, purple, yellow all flashing at the same time. Thats not really intuitive for the person new to Digitakt. There are simpler machines. I’m not a dummy, I spent 5 hours today going ‘what?’
Yes I get most of the basic idea of the Digitakt, but if you were away from it for 2 weeks you would forget all the commands and be asking ‘where was that again’?


Analog and FM digital type sounds.

I love my digitakt but fullheartedly agree with you about the blinking lights. They’re annoying and confusing to me.


Maybe it has to do more with the ‘size’ and design of the box itself, it didnt need to be that compacted IMO.
I get it- technology is moving into nano sized musical instruments, it doesn’t necessarily make them better. I think it would be a warmer feeling instrument in the original Elektrons design. Working with it feels, looks more like a gameboy to me (although I’ve never played a Gameboy).

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yes, 100%. Great sounding instrument and a well-laid out sampler design.

Purple and green are simply mute states:

  • purple = per pattern mutes
  • green = per project/global mutes.

Red and yellow are trig types:

  • red = active trig, triggering/sequencing a sample.
  • yellow = trigless lock, “passive trig” if you will. Allows changing of parameters without re-triggering a sample.

Every sampler makes those sounds.

Also, I’m not completely certain you’re not talking about the Digitone with your post



no, I meant Digitakt, my words are a little exaggerated, not being that literal. ie: FM Analog etc.

You mean exploring the samples included with the machine?

yes. they are all pretty basic sounds found on every synth. Messing with them makes them unique.