Is there patch Librarian for A4/AK?


Hi all,

I’ve done some searching on the forum and around the googlez and I haven’t found any librarian apps for A4/AK.

I’m not looking for an editor – OB and the machine itself does this well. Strictly looking for something to help me organize my banks of patches. Looking to delete/move/copy/rearrange the order in the banks in large batches or in some efficient way other than 1 by 1.

Thanks in advance for any info/assistance.

-Walter (on off on)


i havent seen one.


bummer - thanks for responding

I might just sit for a few days and organize them 1 by 1 but that seems terribly boring.

The banks are 255 or 256 patches each ? I have A-G or H full complete, but most are patches I’d never touch or use. Would like to pare it all down and organize the banks into things like “drums/bass/pads/chords” etc I love the feature on A4 that lets you search by tags, but this allows me to be lazy and just keep adding more patches instead of just quality patches.