Is there an Oliverb alternative from MI Clouds Parasites Firmware?


Is there a pedal / effect unit similar to the Oliverb?

I am looking specifically for the heavily feedbacked reverb resulting from pushing the Density knob past 12 o’clock for big wooshing evolving textures.

The reverb itself sounds great; very musical, playable almost like a synth, begs to be tweaked. Imo It’s one of those magical units which can’t sound bad no matter what you do.

I guess it is replicable with a shortish delay with feedback above 100% a chorus and a verb but I’m looking for a single fx unit.

I suppose Zoia would be my first choice but I’d love some suggestions.


EDIT: here is an example
In the first part a looped sample
In the second just self oscillation

axoloti has controllable clouds verb patches courtesy of one of its users


ooh nice thanks