Is the Boss RC-505 discontinued?

I had a RC-505 put on backorder. Then Musicians Friend and Guitar Center took it off the site completely saying it’s no longer carried. I’m wondering if an update is coming.

Anyone know or heard anything?

Nothing definitive can be answered while in 2020.

I was on back order for a Korg SV-2 S for over two weeks with notification to be alerted when new stock came in. That was back in June- still nothing.

Nothing is real.

Its the year the earth stood still


I’d love a smaller form factor for the 505. Is there any reason for it to be so big? It’s meant to be used with hands, not feet. I don’t need a circle that big for each track. If there is an update, I hope they add some of the buttons like on the 202 (reverse, etc).

That said, zZsounds has it in stock:

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It’s because Roland’s design mantra is that everything must look like a spaceship made of cheese that came with an action figure and a sticker book. :wink:




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A real successor in a nice package would be ace!

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They have that kind of pound shop/ Aliens rip off with a hint of Thunderbirds back drop look to them.

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An updated version in a better designed and sturdier casing would be most welcome :+1:

And the replacement is the Boss RC-500.

Loopop video included.

Shall we just rename this thread Boss RC-500 — New Looper


Nah, they will replace the tabletop eventually, it will sell like Covid masks I reckon.

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Unless you are from the future, no trolling.

There is no RC-606…


Apparently Boss is coming out with a mkII version soon(ish). Unfortunately it looks just as ugly and plasticky as the mkI but has some new features. I’ve been wanting to buy the RC-505 back for a long time now. I’ll hold on to my money for a while longer and see the new version first.


I was quite seriously about to put a 505 in my cart this morning when the email announcement came through. Ugly, but damned inspiring. I wonder if the old one will be blown out on the cheap? :thinking:


I wondered if new one might do usb audio streaming.

The vid didn’t seem to want to impress me with anything. … are bad videos better than good videos these days ?

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Is the rc202 getting a mk2 aswell? I have a 202 that i never use… Maybe i should sell it while i can huh?

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I literally put one in my shopping cart last night thinking “they might update this soon”. Decided to sleep on it, and woke up to the MK2 announcement :joy:


Was also checking for an update on the 505 just yesterday!


Boss-505 was my big disappointment. Well, ok, it’s usable and has some fun effect stuff and performance features (I recorded couple of really groovy tracks), but the sound quality was really meh. Like classic 16 bit record on 90’s soundcard, noise and aliasing artifacts.
And no possibility of re-recording a loop with effects from track or master to new track (yes, spoiled by Octatrack :smiley: ) Maybe in guitar world it is not needed, but hey, look at the Chase Bliss pedals


Well, this looks promising, though. Maybe they addressed the PCM engine as well

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