Is it possible to set velocity default on keyboard for midi channel?

Hi all

I am trying to use my Digitone Keys with a bastl Microgranny and its hardwired to be velocity sensitive. I would like to use the keyboard in conjunction with the sequencer to program a melody, problem is though that whatever the default velocity on the midi channel is is extremely low on the microgranny and unless I hammer the keys i just get a click from triggering a sample

As far as I’m aware it’s not possible to set a minimum velocity or velocity scaling on the Midi controller side of the Digitone Keys.

I also find it requires the keys to be really hit quite hard to get a velocity of above 100.

If you’re going via a DAW then you could send the notes through a velocity plug-in to raise the values to a range you need - I do this to get louder notes / more control.

So I think I have found a solution actually, by using the multimap mode, you can set up a multimap that forces 127 velocity on every key!


Oh nice! Is this in external midi mode?

I dont think so, I just hit the multimap mode and you can set it to internal

I just re-read the Multi Map section of the manual. You’re right! That’s amazing.

Plus, wow, Multi Map can be super powerful. I need to explore this aspect a lot more. :thinking:


So I totally forgot how to do this lol, can anyone remind me?