Ipad synth reliability for live situation

Hello i started this topic : Ipad/iodock2 or Blofeld Waldorf for live?

So now i am thinking of the ipad solution for a cheap polysynth…
But do you guys use it in Live situation with a Alesis iodock ( for exemple ) and midi cc controller ( my octatrack in my case …)
Thanks a lot for your input :slight_smile:

I’ve run the following live without issue ( apart from forgetting to recharge the iPhone battery):

audio in > uca222 > USB hub > cck > iPhone running Loopy > uca222 > audio out
Plus midi:
Rocktron midimate > cheapo USB midi cable > USB hub > cck > iPhone running Loopy

The key for me was always putting the phone in airplane mode then hard rebooting. This clears the cache and ensures you don’t accidentally get a phone call through the PA. You might also want to check out the audiob.us forums as there are a bunch of people who use iOS live over there.


I finally bought the last ipad ( 5? ) and it s really working great with model 15 very stable and great sound !!

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