iPad purchase considerations?

UCA222 works fine, I have one that I use as a portable, no-fuzz input for my iPad and iPhone
it’s also great to capture line audio for videos - you just plug it in (with lightning to usb cable, of course), open the camera app and it’s done - it will automatically use the interface’s input as source.

Man, I need to update my iPad. For my Air1, I thought it would be fun to use the iConnect Audio 2+ to sequence apps from Ableton and record the audio tracks via USB.

I could barely run 3 apps at the same time.

Maybe these new ones will be significantly better, but I’d dip my toe in the water before jumping off the OT diving board

Kick ass! Glad it doesn’t need power :slight_smile:

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Yeah. I’m looking at the A10 iPad as it’s about all I can afford.

latest iPads are quite powerful.
my advice after many years of using them (first iPad Air 1, now I’m on a regular 2017 model) is that the most rewarding experiences come from focusing on a single app rather than deep, complex setups.
also, I found that apps that take advantage of the touchscreen (ie. Samplr, Borderlands Granular, Patterning, Shoom, iDensity, to name a few) are the most rewarding, imho.
of course if you own a MIDI keyboard there are infinite synth options, and they get more powerful each year.

I got to sequence (at least) 3 different synths with my OT on my old iPad Air (of course it depends on how CPU-heavy they are), but I’ve sinced abbandoned those kind of setups - I felt they were too complex, and
I would spend more time configuring stuff than deep diving into them at the end…

Nowadays I see the iPad more of a source of sounds and inspiration, with endless possibilities - but after investing in many of most well-known iPad DAWS (Auria, Beatmaker, Cubasis) I feel like nothing can beat the mouse and keyboard.

oh and about the OT… I’ve had thoughts like that before - and the answer is no - even if there was an app wich replicated the OT (wich doesn’t exist, although there’s overlapping with several) the experience wouldn’t be the same… for operational processes, the screen can be quite tiring / frustrating…


I feel that. I’m hoping the A10 iPads are powerful enough to hold me over for a few years. I’m def. not interested in the regular synth type apps as I have an A4, DN, 0Coast, and Virus to fulfill those needs. I’m more interested in things like the ones you mentioned for sound design and sample fodder for my DAW. I’m sure I’d eventually try out some of the regular synths, but we’ll see. I already have BM3 (got it for free when it was offered) and FLStudio Mobile (from when I owned an iPhone back in the day), along with a few other apps.

Which chip is in your current iPad? The 2gb of RAM seems questionable in the A10 iPads, but I’ve heard Apple does magical things with their OS and everything to make it super efficient.

I can’t remember the chip, it’s an iPad 2018… A8 maybe?
they do run pretty fast, my iPad Air had only 1GB or RAM and handled a lot.

I think I’ve barely used BM3 - I think their sample is super powerful, but the DAW aspect of it, I just couldn’t figure it out - I know I’m not alone in this.

Coolio. I think the 2018 base iPads are the A10 chip. Thanks for the info!

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All of this. Big time

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You are definitely not alone in this! I wanted to love that app so bad. The sound quality is shockingly good, but I thought it was a total drag to work with

I totally get why you’d want to just treat it like an HD but you know - Apple :confused:

However - With AudioShare you can do WiFi sharing. You use a url in a browser to drop files in. Very easy.

Also you can use an app called ifunbox and transfer files straight to apps with the lightning cable. Looks like an old ftp app but works well

With a big Dropbox though it’s even easier, as most apps I use have direct importing and exporting via Dropbox. Including audioshare.

Still haven’t got round to really using the more recent Apple ‘files’ thing much & always hated using iTunes to manage files. Remember doing it for Volca sample until i got some apps that do it better


completely agree


same. tried it often, always annoyed me

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In practice, the diffs are yet to be discovered. I still get glitches in one of my Gadget projects running on a new iPad Pro 2018, so even if the raw power increases, the software needs to catch up to embrace it. EDIT: Aand I just read the new Cubasis update supporta the new hardware! Giving it a go aswell then I guess… EDIT2: Naww man, I can kill the CPU with a few ill-chosen AU instances in the new cubasis. weak.

i am hoping to really use my iPad as a workable DAW in the future. Right now, running Auria pro with a SPL Crimson 3 is as good as it gets on that front. That USB-C tho! Its proving to be a major PITA, old dongles, USB battery banks and iXLRs etc need to be replaced…

I also agree on the KISS approach with iOS, it suits me. Auria Pro, Gadget with all the goodies, Lurssen mastering console, and thats it, I didn’t even reinstall most of the stuff I bought eariler :nyan:

Do not underestimate how satisfying it is to use a physical device.

IMO, touching glass is not a fun way to make music, but the iPad makes up for it somewhat through portability and app pricing.


really depends on the app imo. Many are a PITA to use. Some are tons of fun and perfect for the touch interface

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Case in point: Borderlands Granular


oh yes :slightly_smiling_face:
played with it the whole evening yesterday.


A hellauva lot more fun than mouse tho.

Another option is to skip wired midi altogether and go with one of these at the end of your hardware midi chain:


This way you don’t need a hub - just use the UCA222 plugged into CCK. Works great for me.

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