iPad CPU woes

Okay help me out. I went from iOS 11 to iOS 13 and my iPad is… struggling.


I’m kind of surprised it’s this bad - crackles, drop outs etc. because the iPad (a 2016 pro) was pretty much perfect with all sorts of combinations of apps and plugins going. When I got crackles it was usually fixed by just going to second or maybe third-lowest latency.

So 3 questions:

?? What are your tips for better performance? Audiobus forums ppl seem mostly to suggest - background refresh off, airplane mode on, and frequent soft resets - so I’m doing all that - anything else?

I vaguely remember turning off UI animations being a thing. I thought it was a global OS setting but so far I just see it as a setting in Gadget.

?? Just how much of an arse is it to roll back an iOS update?! Happy to consider jail breaking or whatever

?? Could a factory reset be a good idea? Maybe I could even get back on 13 with better performance if I did that? Or just wishful thinking?

I’ve been dodging those iOS updates for so long. The 2 things that broke my resolve; mouse support (and it does seem great - strangely more of a hardware/musical feel than touchscreen.) and - the iimproved nterface on Cubasis 3 especially the Micrologue (so great-sounding, but so ugly in Cubasis 2)

Probably just that the OS jump was too much for my iPad model but worth asking.


  • 2016 iPad Pro 12.9 or 9.7? (4gb or 2gb RAM, respectively.)
  • How long has it been since you updated it from 11 to 13?
  • In my experience, in Settings > Accessibility > Motion, ‘Reduce Motion’ causes more problems than it’s worth. ie-It took a while for Korg to fix Gadget for users who enabled it.
  • (For newer iPad Pros, ‘Limit Frame Rate’ (disabling ProMotion) can cause some apps to behave worse!)
  • In Settings > Home Screen & Dock > Multitasking: you can disable ‘Gestures’ there.
  • Disabling ‘Background App Refresh’ plus ‘Siri and Search’ may help, at least I do it, for all apps.
  • Maybe backing up your iPad using iTunes, then ‘Reset All Settings’, then spend a few days restoring everything may help? Or reseting it and restoring everything manually would be my choice.
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Guess it’s the 9.7. 2gb. Will double-check the actual model later

Just updated last night.

Will definitely go manual / selective route if in need to restore

Oh, then give it a week or so for the new OS to ‘settle in.’

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