Introducing the e25 Remix Edition

Now they have to make that!

I have it on good authority that they are releasing OS updates for MD and MnM 🫣


Nah ha!

The .1 updates across the DT DN and ST released two days ago (mentioned above somewhere) which have this LED backlight setting for control buttons are clearly driven by the shift to white trig keys

Anyone familiar with a grey computer keyboard backlit in white will know the issues, it’s so easy to lose the contrast on the key … it’s my estimation, that by the time these are in the wild, there will be a realisation this ‘off’ mode is needed, and in turn, it is therefore necessary to have this quick access to the three brightness levels and the overall toggle, both of which are very well implemented by the new combo of

{hold}cog then chose 1 from 1 2 3
{hold}cog then toggle 9 to enable/disable all solely-courtesy-under-lit keys, but allow any functioning light to still work, so it’s not a stealth mode, there’s always a need for contextual lit buttons (FUNC remains lit as a courtesy which is smart, and also not white !!)

This has me a little nervous for the e25 ui legibility in practice, but time will tell … at least it’s been anticipated/addressed

The black DN on latest OS here is rather hard to scan in modestly bright light with courtesy under-lighting off, whereas i think the unlit e25 would be in the goldilocks range with under-lights off and tricky to scan with low under-lighting on

I suspect this is why there’s no news on the OS .1 bumps, but the shortcuts are very handy/quick and frankly point to all manner of other UX shortcut possibilities, it’s a nice scheme as it is but could do with a banner popup to remind the user what the lit trig keys primed for selection are all about !!


They are.


Who are “they”

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The fact that this isn’t advertised anywhere officially tells me everything I need to know. Not to dig on the livestreams, but the viewership (and engagement) has really fallen off. Watched the last 3 and pretty sure Ricky & Mario always say they’ll answer questions at the end of the stream and then just skip it lol.


the livestream is live

It’s a monomachine and machinedrum live jam, promoting the silver colored digi trio, and the description of the live stream is this:
“Today we’ll be exploring the Model:Cycles and Model:Samples. We’ll take a deeper look at sequencing an external iOS app with the Model:Samples, some sound design tips on the Model:Cycles, what advantages these 2 machines have over our other devices, as well as answering your questions! Then we’ll jam on the 2 machines and see where it takes us!”



Started with a middle finger. Pretty apt.


They should do a supergroup livestream: Cenk, Cuckoo, Jeremy Blake, Surgeons Girl, Catenation…

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I’m gonna go troll the live chat.


Fuck me, it’s even more fucking miserable in there than it is in this fucker.


good sounds so far :ok_hand:

Not very surprising!

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I was checking to see if I’d see your trolling come through the chat but then thought, “Damn, how many accounts does Fin have?”


Can’t even begin to interact with that steaming pile of wankers.


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