Introducing Syntakt

Yep, totally. So the experimentation continues.

Or not. Didn’t get a confirmation on my pickup, actually. So maybe I pulled the trigger too late for this round.

I wouldn’t sacrifice stereo for that. If I understood the manual correctly, you can record each of the 12 tracks, the FX block, and the main bus separately via overbridge. I’d rather use the syntakt like that and apply chorus or any other effects afterwards.


I wish elektron had thought about working with intech studio gear to provide some optionnal mpd like pads and other controllers with the magnetic interface you could just slap on any of the 3 slide panel available on the syntakt (as well as making some mk2 digitakt/tone with same feature). The square form factor of the digi boxes screams for that.

That box is definitely in my wishlist.


I’ll give it a month… tempted, but initial demos all sound the same to me. Maybe I’m getting old :confused:

If they haven’t cut corners with the internals then they’ll probably release a couple of major updates to the sound engines in the next 24 months and it’ll be a good effort.

Main gripe is the cost. I know there’s chip shortages and logistics issues, but it’s a lot more than the other Digi models.


I just skimmed the Loopop video and watched the factory pattern section - I think it’s confirmation (if it were needed) that this thing is very flexible as a self-contained groovebox if you want to make music with a compact single piece of hardware.

I know there are a lot of “power users” here with piles of gear and complex setups, but I’m sure there are a lot of other users (like me) that don’t have the time, money or space for a big setup. I just want to sit down for an hour or two here and there and play around with electronic music and sound design - this single box would allow that.

Good work Elektron!


It (SY BITS) is not, but it is quite capable of emulating it anyway. The basic waveforms are there (including PWM and noise) as well as sample and bit reduction to take the fidelity down a notch. Together with the ADSR and LFOs many of the old-school 80’s C64 tricks can be made, some of which I tried to use in the video. Much of my musical education came from using C64, Amiga and trackers so I wanted to see how close I could get.
One of those tricks was to rapidly switch sound or settings on every PAL/raster tick (50Hz), for example the toms which are made by one tick (20ms) of pitch drop, followed by a tick of noise burst, then followed by the rest of the pitch drop. That one was made using a combo of two LFOs, one for the pitch and one one-shot square that rapidly switched the SY BITS noise/tone balance from one extreme to the other.

Then, the SID has a single analog multimode filter, and that can be emulated by routing things to the analog FX block of the Syntakt and parameter locking it. However, in the ST each of the 8 digital channels also have two filters so it could in theory emulate a stack of C64s :slight_smile:

What is not there is things like the SID’s ring modulation, but on the other hand the DVCO can be used for such things. I might do some more experiments in the future, trying to emulate more advanced tracks including that, we’ll see!


This type of breakdown is so amazing, I would love to hear more, especially about the toy machine.


The SY Bits machine is fun because you can get many additional harmonics, that you can easily filter/enhance with the double digital filter.
So even for not 8-bit sounds, it’s very useful.

Very well thought, you can go pretty far with this one!


They just need to change the OS.

I’ve had a listen to it on a few videos and gotta say I love the idea but I really don’t like the sound that comes out of this box, all the digi drums sound brittle and comb filtered, I think my PO-32 has more convincing sounds than this.

It sounds too plastic and metallic like a 90s virtual analog synth.

Let’s see how Elektron updates it over time, there’s no reason to give up my Digitakt for GAS just yet :heart:

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funny, I love the sound. some of those basses in the soundcloud demos sound like my old Analogue Solutions Telemark :heart:


EU peeps where do you order yours from? I’ll be on a 2 weeks vacation starting next week so the timing would be perfect to learn it. Thomann says 2-3 weeks so that’s a no for me

Had it in the cart on elektrons website but had other things to do so I missed it

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Hey I can finally open Elektronauts again :grin: I hope Elektron never realeases anything again - last 24 hours were lonely!

Hi everyone

PS looks cool, Syntakt. 12 tracks of flexible goodness in a small box. At some point I’m sure I’ll have one


What exactly has been tweaked about the Rytm voices, besides an additional LFO and higher resolution on some of the controls?


I wonder how hard it’s to use. I mean, 30 machines, that’s quite a lot parametres to remember “on the fly”


I will checkout the syntakt at my store in a month.Somehow the engine sounds a bit plastic to me on the Tube. For me it is too much stuff put in this tiny box. Maybe this all in one Groovebox concept isnt the right for me. Better check with my hands and ears before an instant buy


you’ll most likely learn your most preferred machines and when that muscle memory kicks in you only have to focus on the diff machines you add to it in different tunes

I’m so glad Elektron did this. Remember when everyone thought this type of thing would get released as an Os for the Digitakt? It’s basically it. And it suits me so much more than samples. I love having sounds on a box and just getting straight into it, but with the mutational quality of synthesis. And paired with a DN, well, you can free up the Digitone to just focus on sweet synth stuff with the ST just destroying drum duties. So rad. Look forward to the day I grab one :relaxed:


Been eyeing up Machinedrums on ebay… This will do, this will do…
Anyone know what the stock is like? Just pre-ordered from Andertons in the UK


Any word on when they’ll ship?

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