Introducing: Digitone Keys


Korg Monologue Keyboard starts from E.
It‘s supposed to make it more accessible for bass guitar payers.
Dunno if there are any others.


I play pentatonic only, so I would like only black keys please… :content:
I got used to C, in different scales / modes, I think chords positions are practical. I transpose the keyboard (as a guitarist!).

Many pianos like my Steinway or 88 keys keyboards start with an A, which make sense for the alphabetical order and the A440hz référence. Why A minor wouldn’t be the reference? :wink:


midi note ranges start from C - so if you have a full range sound engine (or controller keyboard) this makes most sense and it’s by far and away the most common layout - plus Elektron only need to carry stock of one keybed to service AK and DK afaict


I’ll just leave this here


C root bass line could use the low f note also :yum: but really, it is not that important on a sequencer based synth that has keyboard on it just as secondary convenient function.


Actually, I would dance to this tune in da club!


Everything starts with an E.


I’ve “redesigned” the Monomachine SFX-6 based on what people think the Digitone Keys should look like.


Not bad. I would probably hold on to my day job for a while longer if I were you, but there is some potential there. Ever considered applying for a job at Elektron?




But I’m a “product designer”! I know this stuff man! They should get me to write the manuals as well, because I’m also a “technical writer”.

I tried, but they called the police after I spent all day out the front of their offices shouting “ESS! I’VE GOT THE NEW DESIGNS!”. I even got them all printed up on A1 paper and bound into a folio, including my controversial “Machinedrum EWI” design. Not fair. I spent a lot of money on that printing.


And now you Work for Clavia…


Seriously! Some product Designer needs to Help Out MFB with their UI problems…


Here’s my temp rig right now. Thinking of throwing out the Heat and sliding in the Digitone instead.

I love the Reface keyboard but miss the polyphony of a strange but wonderful synth with a sequencer to boost. But not sure the Digitone Keys justifies the cost, when I’m pretty close to such a rig as is, already.

What do you guys think?


I would go for a module, and spend the rest on digitakt. Win - win situation :man_with_turban:‍♂< this is supposed to be an indian guy, but instead , this is what the forum app made of it :rofl:


I assume you have only two hands.
I might would use that kit as it is and get the digitone box. You can use the digitone then to sequence the cs. because a midi sequencer seems to be missing. If you use all four midi tracks on the digitone it can sequence chords too… (sometimes i don’t get it what elektron is thinking)


Thanks :slight_smile: nah, I’m not going for a Digitakt. I’m good on the sampling side, I just want some decent polyphony with a straight on sequencer.


There’s 8 voice polyphony on the Digitone midi tracks


That’s a solid idea, though I won’t be using the Reface as a synth in this context. Lack of onboard presets makes it more or a live instrument for me, as well as just a great way to play the Rytm chromatically.

So the above rig works pretty well for me as is, though from time to time, I miss a proper synth with a proper sequencer, and presets and that stuff then.


yes, but two polys are better than one.
and you could use one track on the digitone as baseline, one as arp, and,… you get the idea. it opens up with both of them. And you can use the cs as keyboard for the digitone aswell. win win


oh, now i get it sry. i only did some trickery with my digitone and a mb33. (layering miditracks to get a LOT of variation in one pattern only is a nice way to do this). Normally i use octa for sequencing.