Introducing: Digitone Keys


“Seems” indicates no experience with said item.
Probably best to try before coming to conclusions.

If you got to try it, and found it was not a good flow for you then, sure…the findings would have support.

Try it out in a shop first…you might just dig it.


Those experiments sleep peacefully on our servers - and should probably continue to do so. They represent unfinished work, and I think it’s better to keep the discussion revolving around the finished work.


And i am Sure…If Elektron would have chosen a cost efficient approach … Some ppl would dislike this too. So …one can’t please them all, which means…keep on doing your Thing.


By haters I meant haters, not everyone who dislike it, there have been several thresholds of dislike through the thread. Feel free to not feel like one :ok_hand:
We can have different sense of design it’s fine, it makes sense. But conservative tastes are boring to for sure, I have sticked to Elektron through the years mainly because they are not.



Pretty much puts to rest saying it is the same as DN and was basically a lame cost driven move. Kind of funny how some of the previous posts were so sure they were the same faceplates …


Including my own early on !


The DNK faceplate is much bigger. It IS one piece of Metal. Not three pieces.


It is nice that there is a strong family resemblence, meaning that you can go from one to other without complete having to rewire the brain.

OCD observation – notice how the numbers moved from above to below on the track length LEDs.

Note on Electronic Design:

On the computer it is not too difficult to pull things around a little once you have a known good design and thereby produce a modification.


Seems like PCB must be different too, no ?


Absolutely YES! for the front panel controls.

Don’t know about the main processing board – probably, though maybe the individual outs are on a separate board too.



I have one thing to complain…why didnt they integrated the AC adaptor? Having one less wall wart would have been perfect. Please Elektron…there is enough room inside the DNK.


The Analog Keys has it this way.

Actually if you want to lobby for something – please Elektron put a rechargable battery inside like the Superlative Space Bee!


A standard Powerbank should be fine for the DNK.


DK mk2 hell yeah only needs a joystick! And we still have space for 4 small faders (5 with audio in) next to the encoders! Maybe Elektron needs to let actual users design the interface…


i think that the idea very interesting… i don’t do finger drumming and i’m more matrix ideia feeling mode.
Anyway in any case i think that the rytm, never owned, and digitakt, owned but sent it back, lack more memory especially the analog rytm with that price tag and some orhers important things


Why do keyboards with 37 keys start on the key of C? Ive always wondered this. Why not F or B. As i prefer those chords. It seems like your losing a few extra notes down the bottom end through lack of use. Not many great tracks are in C major or minor. Its known as a boring chord. Even E would be better.


No Song Mode and the price is insulting… Elektron, when will you learn?


If I ever end up with the Keys I’m going to do an epic collection of covers of songs in C for you. FM version of Don’t Look Back In Anger coming up…


All of my synth keybeds start with C, but i agree about it should start with f , or at least b, it would open up the possibilities, unlock the dreams if you will :slightly_smiling_face: Its funny, i hear that complain a lot among musicians. I think minimoog starts with f…