Introducing: Digitone Keys


Thx. Bummer.


I don’t find it ugly, but too asymmetrical (personal OCD) ! :smile:
Anyway I prefer 4 octaves minimum, or much smaller with 2 octaves like KMI KBoard.
Really interested in DN though…



thats difficult, because I didnt do a 1:1 comparison. But I would say its definitely better than the analog keys (from my memory) and it also felt better than the novation summit I tried a bit later.


dont forget moog matriarch. I think this is a real killer, the sound just blew me away.


Any word from Elektron on the availability of keytar straps?

Edit: damn, late to the joke.


No microtuning support? I’d love to have one of these, but no microtuning = no sale.

The implementation on the minilogue xd & monologue would be an excellent place to start, if the developers here are looking for ideas…

I wonder why this isn’t on Elektron’s radar? Experimental, flexible devices are kind of their brand.


The keyboard on the Digitone Keys is exactly the same Fatar keyboard that was used on Analog Keys.


Now we’re talking. Looking forward to playing this now.


Sounds very promising, mr. Ångman. Very promising indeed.


when they will upload new presets ?


This is something that really should be answered by someone on the design team, such as Jon or Ess. But as always, when we design things there are many options on the table early on in the process. Some people here describes the finished design as lazy (and thats fine) but honestly the design is more intentional than lazy. The UI board on the left side is not just a copy of the Digitone but is redrawn and as soon as you start to change things, you lose the saved time and money that a complete copy would have given.

The design is ofcourse a nod to the look of the Monomachine SFX6 keyboard, and we liked the idea to make a little hommage to our old silver battering ram :smile: An important part in our design is that we wanted the Digitone Keys to take up as little real estate space as possible on your desk and the slim design makes it possible to arrange your other gear behind it.
One other important thought was that we intentionally wanted to make something that looks different from the ”standard” layout of so many synths. Its more fun to make something that stands out a little than just to rehash something that has been done so many times before.

As I said earlier, we know that some people will not like the design or agree with the design choises we made, and that is totally fine by us :slightly_smiling_face:

On a final note, I must say we have really enjoyed all the meme pics that was made of the Digitone Keys. We put up the best ones on the wall at the Elektron office. My personal favorite is the ”Digitone Keys AM”. I laughed so hard I almost choked on my chokladflarn when I saw that one :smile:


… or possibly they just choose the synthesizers to add keyboards to.


Thank you for that!

I often find insights into the process such as this as interesting as the end result. And totally agree, much more fun to stand out from the crowd a bit.


Really good idea. As a non keyboard player, I prefer a grid style controller like Push or Launchpad to trigger notes/ chords using a scale or chords mode. Something like this on an Elektron device, with its sequencer, would be great!


good to know, as I said, I couldnt compare it to others 1:1. Sometimes memory is playing tricks.




So much awesome in just one post :rofl:


If it can make it into the os at some point might I recommend a long press on add notes while holding a key/trig? Seems a good shortcut that hasn’t been used yet and makes pneumonic sense hold notes to “hold” notes. Ya know?


So. When’s the Elektron authorised creative Science Lab to win one?


I’m actually pretty excited about this now. Been looking to get some keys for a while. I can reconcile the side by side design over all the additional functionality that comes baked in. The External Midi mode def seems a rad quick switch between internal and external usage which I think I’d really appreciate. Wont be an instabuy but maybe in a couple months. Wonder however if given the significant DN update if the keys model will ever see a future update with additional features? And actually is this the first Elektron machine that’s actually shipped with Overbridge right out of the box? Hope that sets a precedent for future releases. Otherwise yeah, some of the demo vids definitely show how the functionality of the Keys can take the DN into a new level. Ergonomics aside, performance wise a lot could be done with the Keys side knobs, and the keys themselves.