Introducing: Digitone Keys


Well geez, of course that would be even worse!

But the synth controls shouldn’t be to the left of the keyboard at all, is the point… :slight_smile:


@eangman is there any chance of adding a hold function to regular DN?


I’m starting to see the depths to the fact that the DKeys has very little desk depth. Once you think in that space, my tiny workspace suddenly offers a wealth of previously unseen possibilities.

Like Roy in Blade Runner. I’ve seen things you people wouldn’t believe. A Rytm at the gates of the DKeys. Attack envelopes on fire at the shoulder of encoders. Stuff like that.


I found this in the web a nice idea but it would be better to sell the pads as an upgrade for existing maschine. That would be awesome!!


I hear you man, just tried to explain a little about the thoughts behind the placement of the wheels. Every design choise made has repercussions on other parts of the design. At the end of they day one have to make a choise what is most important and then let other things follow that. We are very aware that everyone does not agree with our design choises, and thats fine :slight_smile:


please no. saw that on Facebok. just putting my name down against such an idea :wink:

man I hate pad grids.

No velocity sensitivity ftw :paw_prints:


it is from facebook :wink: so no reason to panic :smiley:




This is another thing I missed on the A4, even though I got around it by assigning hold to programmable buttons on an external midi controller in the end for a massive drone session a few years back.


Well, internally it is actually implemented since you can control sustain over MIDI now… CC64 if i remember correctly. However I do not remember if its implemented via a key combination or not. If it isnt, I will add this to a whish list for a later OS upgrade. Cant promise anything, but I will make a note of it :slight_smile:


Genuinely curious, I’m guessing you guys considered various alternative layouts including having controls at the top. If it’s not too intrusive to ask, was the design decision swayed by engineering/cost implications or did you guys feel the final product/UI would bring “more” out of the user? Understand if that’s a “difficult” one to answer or if you can’t publicly!

I really like the design though but then I’m naturally someone who likes quirky, out of the ordinary things.


I layed my hands on it at superbooth, really good keybord and the layout with the extra knobs is usefull. just one thing: its not possible to extend the dk with a digitone for 16 tone polyfonie. I hope they will add that in a future update. Korg has implemented this in the extender version of the minilogue xd.


Excellent luckily I’ve got 2 extra sustain pedals ready to go! I wanted a hold function too, this will do.


If you’d compare the keyboard quality, what would you rate it to? I think the Analog Keys is great, the Prophet 6 the best non-piano keybed ever and the Reface keyboards in a mini keys league of their own.


I’m a little confused what hold does. Is it just latch? Doesn’t the digitone already have a latch? And why would the keys have it and the regular digitone not?

I’m a massive fan of drone music so I’m trying to betterunderstand the “hold” feature!


Digitone does not have a latch mode.
Which is a bummer.
Man, I love the Digitone!


Digitone has a “latch” when using a sustain pedal I tested it today. Works fine and it’s per track too, so you can latch track one and move on to track two which has an independent sustain channel.




Pretty legit for huge sound scapes on the fly/in between songs…!


Yea sorry, this was me. Since the Digitone Keys Keytar was such a fun, I had to do this.
Please don’t sell it as real. It was just a joke, while I couldn’t sleep. :green_heart: