Introducing Digitakt


…it’s never too late :wink: It’s an endless source of suprises.


How’s it coming along after a month, is it much faster? Are you finding it redundant at all? Does it sound better or is it hype? OT user considering adding a DT when the price is right


I bought another one… it’s great to have one again. Got rid of the mpc live that replaced my first DT.
It’s now sitting next to the DN and the two work so nice together.
This is going to be the heart of my setup moving forward :heart:



Difficult, but I try to answer :slight_smile:

I’m not that audiophile, but I can’t hear a difference in the general playback of a sample. Can’t hear an influence of the machine, as I can’t hear any difference on the OT (didn’t actually compare, it’s just my feeling). For sampling, DT seems to sound fat and loud, but I guess that’s only because it normalizes everything sampled.
Britcrusher was a bit strange, it’s better now with the update. For me the Filter is really nice, as it is on the OT. They sound different but both very nice. I prefer overdrive, Delay and Reverb sound on the DT. The latter one sounding more lush and hifi somehow. All in all, I think it sounds great. And there are great and useful factory samples (especially drums and SCW). Better sounding as OT?
Effects yes, rest hype (my opinion). But OT has many more fx of course!

I’m used to the OT, I use it for over three years, so I’m still more confident operating on the OT generally.
However, I can see that the Interface of the digitakt has its advantages. It’s cleverly structured and very inspiring. I like the form factor and the 2 rows of sequencer buttons. It feels that in general most used things are reachable faster. The main difference. Fewer features! That makes it more concentrated on certain things and that makes the whole workflow experience pretty nice.Sampling is fast, but I don’t think basic sampling is much faster compared to OT, but I never understood the complaints about OT here. It was a two buttons shortcut. And OT gives you much more possibilities of course.
There is a nice trig page on the DT, with note selection, velocity, trig condition etc. i love this page. Trig conditions are nicer to set on the DT workflow wise. Controll all feature is not only useful for performance but also speeds up things if you want to tune down all your tracks at once for example.
Setting sample/loop start and end points of preloaded samples is a mess on the DT. They forgot the zoom in the sample editor which is not understandable to me. Big fail.

That’s difficult. It adds a nice workflow and inspiring interface. And I like the fx. But! With some little exceptions, everything I do on the DT is doable on the OT. Other way around…, of course not.
So it would never be a replacement. It’s a nice addition however. It inspires me at the moment, it’s fun and small and nice :slight_smile: But when I think about performing live, I’d rather need a second OT instead.
And it might be that the fun and inspiration I experience is because it is new and shiny to me. I could have done all the tracks on the OT, with not a lot of workarounds.
I’m still not sure if I keep it. I really like the new hardware so I come back eyeing towards OT mk2.
But once OB comes, the DT will be of great use for me, cause I use Ableton a lot still, and having a small Elektron sampler/drummachine with individual tracks output over usb should be very useful for me. That will never happen to our current OT’s unfortunately.

Digitakt - Limiting?

How does it go after a month, is it much faster?
It’s not my first groove machine;I started with the first smart groove box and the concept appealed to me more.There! it is less generalist but just as intuitive. So at beginning, handling anchor loop was fast.
Then the workflow pushed me into unfinished test that I liked. Time was long, I didn’t find a coherent continuation to my composition.3 months later I targeted the subtlety of the sequencer with the Plock.The process for my ultimate groove was to place a long sample in first to juggle (with his own start or other) with a second sample (a one shot) to create a smart track more elegant.
So faster yes !!but more precise in my work and very comfortable on the futur evolution.

Do you find it redundant at all?
Not at all. It is a sampler of very good quality and different from what has already been done.I pair it with another sampler and so I can juggle or create a remix.

Does it sound better or is it hype?
His buggle ring :cb:
The factory bank is way too hype for me but I use it to surround my compositions or put forward my samples. I am delighted.

The OT user is considering adding a DT when the price is correct -
Is it the process???Really :sweat_smile:
I do not have an octatrack but an equivalent gear and less effective.If elektron was sending me a flight tiket for testing an Octatrack for demo maybe I’ll go to checkout
In hindsight, I think that getting to my end with a small equipment, is more difficult but the result is worth it.


Cheers for the answers but the questions were kind of meant to be from an OT users perspective. Was thinking of adding a DT at the time but right now I’m having to sell OT so that’s off the cards for a while. Struggled a bit deciphering some of your answers there, I’m assuming English is not your first language?


throw a heat on it… then its over bass boss


I ended up buying a Rytm II. I would love to have a Digitakt and a Digitone, but I won’t buy either without a songmode (or something equal).