Introducing Digitakt

I didn’t moan, I knew it’d be bliss. And it is…! I run everything through it at the end of the chain.

“We will start launching more product than you will ever believe”

Arp? Does it have arp? I want everything!


@Jon, @Ess (and perhaps forum members who have watched videos where they have offered this information … i have not explored the digitakt outside of reading forum threads):

i gather from a previous post that apparently hq has offered a selection from the eventual full feature set. as soon as it’s permissible, i would be curious to know these details about the sampling engine and inputs:

  1. what is the expected max sample rate? 32 bit, etc.?
  2. what is the expected max sample length? 4 bars, etc.?
  3. will it be able to handle 1-cycle waves to any degree?
  4. will it be able to pass audio through its inputs and/or sample in a live setting? (or are the inputs only meant for sampling in advance?)
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Probably not the place for feature requests but It’d be cool if Digitakt could act as a USB host. :loopy:

My 2c … I think the production version should be named simply ‘takt’.

It is setting a potentially poor precedent if all future elektron products need to be prefixed by either analog or digi depending on their component circuitry.

Plus elektron takt sounds a bit cooler to me than digitakt.

64mb sample length limit
1 cycle sure
No comment


Does live sampling only play back in mono?

Exact same arp as Analog Rytm, in fact.

sounds Rytm chain compatible.

:::fist pump::::

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Hi res picture. Can clearly see button names. Says
“8 voice Digital drum computer and sampler” on the unit.

Digitakt is actually a bike pump, they just haven’t been able to talk about the inflation capability because the software isn’t finished yet.

I see “Sync A” and “Sync B” labels under the MIDI out and thru labels.
Just like AR and A4.

First digital Elektron box w/ DIN SYNC!

If i would have invested 600€ into a sampler, it should entertain me for a while. It think that is also point for the new user - he needs some taste of the deepness of the electron instruments. You possibly can compare this to the elektribes:

In addition, the electribe sampler provides 16 analog modeling oscillators and three filters, which you can use as accents for your sample-based music productions.

X/Y pad offers real-time effects performance


It can also sequence external modules, but only fixed CC values is sent out. Which is kind of lame. That is something which would frustrate me at the end, sending only midi notes, is not enough.

Broken record?

That is very cool, good news

Am I in the minority if I was to say that one my favorite things about elektron is how the machines are different while having a bit of overlap? I have A4, MD, AH but have no desire for an OT or AR.

The DT to me is kind of exciting because I see the potential to replace my Korg ESX for what it does and possibly getting a kick ass hardware sequencer. If the sequence side is polyphonic and if it can realtime record a performance with a controller! I’m sold!

Also, it’s technically granular isn’t it? If you can make any sample a loop and adjust the start and end points down to one increment even isn’t that what a lot of folks want?

Ultimately, are more info/details needed? Of course! But will they be forthcoming in due time? Most likely! Will the wait lapse by while everyone is patient? Hmm!?..

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From what we’ve seen so far, the Digitakt will have one USB port to enable its use as a USB audio device (for Overbridge) and perhaps as a USB storage device (for sample transfer). The chances that Elektron would include USB host capability in a budget instrument like the DT are vanishingly small.


I’m pretty sure the sequencing will be 8-track monophonic. It will be step sequencing like on the OT with some extras. They said the sequencer is like on their other machines and they’ve never done a polyphonic sequencer.

would be good anyway, and feeling like a symbolic last cup of love given by Elektron to it’s monster OT machine, just a little polish, with love of the great finished work.

I don’t really have big bugs on the OT, some little things I avoid to do and all is ok, but knowing the machine is not 100% rock solid is still a bad feeling when you bring the OT at a gig.

If Elektron makes the perfect definitive OS for the OT, the OT will be my definitive machine and I’ll be glad to buy the DigiTrack and the DigiSynth to compliment it :smiley: