Introducing Analog Heat +FX

I’l say it again, the new unofficial OS for SPS-1 - “The updated firmware introduces a new class of machine called Neighbor FX (NFX) which includes a Compressor, Envelope + Ringmod and Universal Comb Filters.” 20 year old machine…

I actually sold the AH just before this FX version came out.

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but a very different machine. I don’t see how you are comparing these things?
are you implying the statement from elektron that the AH MK2 hardware does not allow for this FX update is false? Also, elektron is known for late updates on their products (see octatrack, digitakt), so I think if they could have done that with the AH MK2 they might have.

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Don’t buy it then.

Buy one then.

Because nobody was buying it anymore.


If they had added a p-lock sequencer then yes but currently no. It’s like the MK2 version of AR you were basically spending an extra few hundred pounds on one knob, the rest of the features did not justify selling and repurchasing at that price. Also the squishy pads… Horrible.

Don’t get me wrong I have the Monomachine, Machinedrum, AR, Octa, AF & owned AH. I’m a fanboy. I hate the rehash MK2 model they have went with and I’m falling back in love with the machinedrum, the original toy, because of other fanboys who can program and support older machines when Elektron won’t…

I’ve got all of them, why are people on here so defendant of Elektron’s business model?

I definitely won’t be buying an AH FX at near £1k, it’s redonkulas!

Definitely saying that statement is false because of this… Machinedrum SPS1-UW X.08 Released [ Unofficial ]

Almost looks like Elektron peaked 10 years ago…

Probably just a change in business/design direction. The older machines were much more modular and open-ended. While the current digitrio/models are much more focused and streamlined.

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By my count you have at least 38 p-lockable midi tracks that you could choose from to point at CC parameters on the AHFX. Why would you want to clutter the UI with having a sequencer onboard?

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and has their own use cases, but this sounds like some classic whinging to me.

Also, the “extra few hundred pounds” for the AR MkII was easily justified by many by the sampling inputs plus resampling. I love the Mk1 designs too damn much and went back to the original AR personally. But for most the MkII upgrades were massive and easily justified the price (and size) increase.


You are touching on an interesting point.

If I am not mistaken, in the times of the MD and MnM, Elektron only had a line of 3 products. So each of their product had incredible deepness to them which a quite cumbersome workflow.

Right now, more than 10 years later, Elektron has a line of 10 different products. Organized in different price categories, and with fairly different workflows.

What features each product had in the past line of products obviously are more diluted now in the 10 products that Elektron still support. And the idea is probably to have the customer buy more products to get the full scope of features they want.

In the case of this new AHFX maybe the idea of no sequencer on the box itself was because they wanted the customers to use it with a digibox that could sequence it? Maybe to boost the sales of the digiboxes?

Not to say that Elektron product quality is bad. But obviously there is a conscious decision to not overlap features between products and I do not think it is only for the customer best interest.


Absolutely agree with you :100:. I’m not saying I don’t want one, I love the idea of it, the tape worble looks amazing, reverb sounds fantastic and maybe in a few years time will purchase one but right now… £900… Ouch. I’l wait.

I think the obvious reason was a UI design choice to not have this:


(from earlier in this thread)

But yeah. Like I said, no need.


totally true ofcourse, its business

You know you can sequence/control it with anything that transmits MIDI CCs, right?

The sort of stuff that anyone buying one of these is already likely to have, be that Ableton, an RM1x or a Digitakt.

Sure, it pairs up real nice with the Digis, but you can absolutely get the best out of it without a single other Elektron product.


I agree you probably don’t need a sequencer to get a lot out of it. Honestly the AH has always been all about the envelope follower for me – it reacts to your incoming signal and it’s so flexible with those different modes, plus it can be used to trigger additional envelopes/LFOs.


Me too.

I’d have loved them to put a second one on it.


And I’d have loved them to make it output MIDI! How cool would that be? A nice high resolution MIDI stream from whatever signal comes into the AH… The +FX doesn’t do this, does it? I think the answer is likely “no” :slight_smile: I’ll have to download the manual now that I’m thinking about it.


Don’t think so, but now you’ve got me thinking about building one in Max.


I made one in puredata years ago, but then stopped using it because I realized the Renoise envelope follower (they call it Signal Follower) had more features and just worked really well.

This is making me wonder if one could cook to something in Max like that to work off the AH in Overbridge… Tons of possibilities!


Wireless MIDI adapter by Roland. Connects to OSX via bluetooth. I have another pair so i can plug them into my OT and my synths. I just get sick of cables.

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I haven’t used any external cc’s yet, but now that I’ve had the AHFX for the past few months I’m going to spend some time and dig into the midi stuff this week. I’ll make some vids and share how I’m using midi with the AHFX soon.