Introducing Analog Four & Analog Rytm MKII




I ordered one A4 mk2, I have to collect money for my ar mk2

This week I received my second A4 mk2, by mistake of the music instrument store…
It was So difficult to be honest…
So I called them, they had no idea about it
But they will pay back the transportation cost… So sweet

But it also feels very good I called them :slight_smile:


So you are getting 2 A4 ? :slight_smile:
Can i ask why ? Sometime i am thinking about a second one. I like it better than the Rytm for percussion sounds …


I ordered 1, but received 2. Never unpackaged the second, it was a mistake by the shop.

But I understand your point of view, I kind of have the same…
On the other hand, I think resamplint on the mk2 will make it possible to create better drum sounds by sending them through the dist and comp… than sample them and them play them in the Rytm as a sample…
Also the scenes and perf structure is very nice for drums…

And… drum sounds from A4 can easilly be recorded in ar…


Ho i see, I read your message too quickly. That was very honest of you. I guess i would have done the same thing.


Any threads on here relating to racks or stands specifically for MK2 units ?

I’ll be upgrading both A4 and Rytm soon and I’ve had my MK1 units in a tidy two tier so far


Related to @Cocker’s post above: I’m curious about how those of who own any mkI machines or OTmkII, DT, AH, et al., are dealing with the AF/ARmkII form factor when arranging them on your studio desk/table/etc.



I’m still reading about problems with the AR mk2.
When will it be reliable?
I would like this machine very much for it’s possibilities but without the quirks.


I exchanged my first AR2 due to freezing issues. My second AR2 has been running great without any issues (so far - fingers crossed).


im having some freeze issues. how dit they look like and when did they occur with you?


That’s what I read quite a lot.
How can you perform live with a box that might freeze?
What’s triggering it and more than that, is this getting solved?
How can a company still exist with such bad QC and lame feedback?


What OS version are you running? Have you booted up into test mode ?


1.40c. not booted in test mode yet. can that help?


Possibly. Run it in test mode and send the results to Elektron via support ticket. They will tell you whether it’s a hardware or software issue. If it’s just software, it might be an easy fix.

Or, if it’s brand new, you could just return it to your dealer and have them get you a new one.


I cross fingers in a few days I must receive AR mk2, saw the comments I have a chance on two to have a defective machine … at the price of the beast, it’s amazing … on arrival I have a light a candles and make him a reiki session … Maybe that will help …


On page 12 of the manual, both the “Audio In” and the “Ext In” are described as unbalanced. But on page 70 of the manual, the “Audio In” is described as balanced. Is this a typo on page 12?

EDIT: oops, I mistakenly thought this was the thread for only the RYTM MKII.


Thanks for pointing this out.
The Ext Ins are unbalanced and the Audio Ins are balanced!
I have fixed the discrepancy in the manual and uploaded a new one.


Literally came here just to say how in awe I am by the demo track for the A4 MkII enetitled “Jungle Blaze”. It sounds like a 303! I had no idea the A4 was capable of that. Also everything says the A4 MkII, or Mk1 for that matter, can make great drum sounds. May have to begin the process of lusting after one for months until I finally get one.

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