Internal sequencer issue

I have one pattern in my DN where the sequencer doesn’t play notes on track 4. I hear the sound when I play the keyboard and I can record notes. I see the red notes in the sequencer but when the notes trigger I hear nothing. The track is unmuted in both mute modes. All other three tracks work as expected. What could be the problem?

checked number of voices used ?

Have you accidentally set velocity to 0?

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Good callout.

Yea check the TRIG page and make sure conditionals/all params that would cut sound are good to go. Also check the filter page to make sure it’s not fully closed. I do the condition thing sometimes and it drives me nuts :upside_down_face:


My friend told me the same thing yesterday about one Track not playing on certain Patterns of his DN. User error or bug? Send a Ticket to Elektron to see if they are aware of this behavior.

If you Copy the Pattern to another one, do you still have this issue?

Check the Parameters of each Trig individually to see if there is something wrong.

Oh well… at least we know there might be an actual bug.

@arsc what OS are you on?

D’oh! Probability was set to 0%.

Thank you all for your help!


Aha! Awesome to hear you got it resolved :pray:

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