Integration between DT and eurorack


I would like to use Digitakt to sample sound made my eurorack modular synth and then send DT sound back to my modular synth.
I guess that there could be some level issues, eurorack works with very hot signals, while DT is working at line level.
So which modules I should buy? I have already have a Make Noise Rosie and I was thinking to use its send signal, but it is quite hot.

Do you have any suggestions?

Thank you.

There are a number of modules available that convert line level to modular and vice versa, eg the Befaco Inamp and Output modules.

Intellijel have a nice audio I/O module too.

A mixer?

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A mixer

As far as I know a mixer works with line level, not eurorack level, right?
So maybe the best thing is that module @finalform has suggested.

You can do a lot with a mixer, most of them will be able to attenuate down to line sufficiently well without clipping the inputs and many will be able to add enough gain for the euro system, but if you have a case with space for an I/O module there’s not much point in wasting desk space with mixer functionality you don’t need.

Eurorack I/O is expensive for what it is, but that’s all eurorack, due to the small volumes and hand made nature of a lot of it.

I’m currently mixing my eurorack voices into a Mackie and there aren’t issues with levels. With the same mixer’s main output I send my eurorack into DT for sampling at line level. It works.

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I‘d recommend a booster module for raising the Digitakt signal going into the eurorack.
Eurorack into Digitakt works fine via some kind of attenuator module, or via a mixer or whatever.

It even works without these kinds of boosters/attenuators, try it out!

Check out this module from Ladik: Ladik A-580 1x line out/ 2x line in - Eurorack Module on ModularGrid

The Intellijel I/O is really nice (I used to own it), but as others have said it’s expensive for what it is, and takes up more HP that it needs to IMO. The Ladik is small, cheap, and also balanced. There is only one mono output, but you won’t need a stereo out to sample into Digitakt because it will sum your stereo signal down to Mono anyways.


Maybe the A-595 is even better since I can use also with stereo external sources.
Uhm… Or maybe the A-525 that provides jumper setting for different line levels… They have the same price :thinking:

Thank you.

Somebody tries to connect directly just controlling the input level in the digitone/takt?

I’ve tried and it works like a charm.
Just control the input volume no more than 50% (around 20.00 is perfect).

Thank you all

I want to receive modular signal into Digitone input out of DFAM VCA out. Would it damage Digitone in any way ? There is attenuator at the DFAM output and Digitone input as well.

Yeah, I think it should be fine! I’d fully turn down the DFAM attenuator first and then slowly turn it up until it reaches a comfortable volume in the Digitone.

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