Incorporating Machinedrum Into My Setup

At the moment I have a pretty simple setup, consisting of just a Digitakt, Virus C, and a Dreadbox Typhon. Digitakt is handling all of the drum duties as well as sequencing, which works well.

However I’m toying with the idea of adding a dedicated drum machine to the mix, mainly so I can focus on the sound palette of one box, as opposed to diving through thousands of samples. Digitakt would still be my sequencer while providing the odd melodic sample or 808 kick, etc, and Machinedrum seems like a natural fit since I used to own one and loved it.

One thing I’m confused about though is how sequencing would work. Obviously I can start and stop the Machinedrum by pressing play on the Digitakt, but what about when I want to jump to a different pattern/section? Would I have to organize and queue those up on each individual machine? Or is there a way to set things up so that when I change patterns on my Digitakt it changes on the MD as well? Any advice is appreciated.

I think there should be two ways.

One is to set Program Change out of DT channel to the same PC in on MD. This will do what you suggest.

Another is that MD will I believe pattern change via chromatic scale on some lower octaves, which I think will allow you to change from say A1 to A2 pattern with like DT note C0 and C#0, or whatever it is. This is cool because you can change patterns on quarter notes or whatever you want, but I think it’s always at the start of the pattern. Like if you set it to half notes C0, C#0 it won’t play A2 from the halfway point.

My memory is a little foggy on all this. I’m sure someone can correct me.

Edit: the second way would sacrifice a DT midi track though.

Edit 2: Fixed the note names as I had previously forgotten how scales work apparently.


This is exactly what I was looking for. Thanks!

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