Importing Slices?

Hi. Is there a simple way to import prepared slices from a diff software sampler into OT? (easier/quicker/diff options to make slices on the computer) My first thought is to make/tweak the slices and then just record them all together then import to the OT and re-slice. Just want to make sure that OT doesn’t have something in place to simply handle this multi step operation.

The OT doesn’t have transient-based slicing nor any way that I know of to handle/recognize other software slicing operations. Are you doing loop slicing or sample chain slicing?

You can export slices as wav files an import them in Octachainer :


Wow. Thanks. I’ll take a look.

Took a look but says file doesn’t live here anymore. Any idea where I might look for this? A search brought up the same link.
Thanks again

Looking for osx btw

I have some ideas and slices I’ve already made w various diff instruments all jumbled together. Easy to work and get what I want with pro tools and ableton…love to be able to import the prepared slices and play them on a track in slice mode. Looks like the octachainer gui mentioned does exactly that…just cant seem to find an active link for download.
Thanks for checking in

Here you go

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Thank you.

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@jaysomething Thanks for finding the Mac version. But do you know where the Windows version is?

Thank you

No, sorry…