Ideas for synth to pair with new Digitakt

Hi all. New here so please be gentle!

Delighted with my new DT and looking to expand my fun with it by hooking it up to a synth and using the sequencer standalone from my DAW.

I currently have two Behringer synths, a TD3 and an MS1 but I will not be able to control much of them other than sync, transport and notes/ pitchbend.

I’ve read on here recommendations for Minilogue XD but I’ve just seen that it’s not multi timbral (is this correct?)

Ideally I’d like to sequence basslines, lead, pads etc from the DT.

The Waldorf Blofeld has also had props, but concerned about the build quality.

Any reccs for the above or elsewhere? Only looking around the £500 price area.

Thanks all.

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Get a used Digitone!

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Seconding the second-hand Digitone. One got listed half an hour ago on Reverb for £510 plus £10 postage though you can make them an offer to keep it under budget:

Edit: looks like it needs a good clean :slight_smile:

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Hey, welcome to the forum.

I would suggest using the search feature, as often times these kind of subjects are being discussed already.




+1 for a Digitone.

Also see if you can find a second-hand Virus unit. Multitimbral and full of amazingness.

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100% this :point_up_2:

Also, this is super vague… figure out your requirements (analog, digital, multi-timbral, mono, poly, keyboard, desktop etc etc etc) and look up the synths that match.

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I’ve been seriously considering an erebus v3. It’s mono so no summing, it has a built-in lo-fi Bucket Bregade delay, and you can configure the midi to control the Oscillators separately through their own VCA’s. It can take external Oscillators aaaand it has a 1/4 input with a gain control, so you can run things through it or use it as a send return for analog filters, ring mod, distortion, delay, etc.

(The BBD chip is digital, but it sound cruncy and amazing imo)

Nord lead or A4


Craig Thanks. My thoughts with Digitone is that aren’t I just duplicating the sequencing capabilities of the Digitakt, and is that worthwhile?

Micromonsta 2 is bi-timbral, (6-voice poly when run in bitimbral mode) and very powerful for it’s price. Even includes FM, wavetables …

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Thanks for this, looks cool.

Korg MS20 ( or B’s K2), endlessly fun and patchable box that you can fill your DT with.

Sequencing wise, yes, there’s some overlap but that also makes it a breeze to learn. As midi sequencers, DT can have up to four notes per step whereas DN is up to eight. Also, having eight voices spread across up to four tracks makes it super flexible as a synth :slight_smile:

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That’s great info, appreciated!

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Just curious - what’s wrong with the MS-1?


As far as I know, I can’t control the osc, filters, etc with the Digitakt?

Digitone or, if you’re feeling experimental, Lyra 8.

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I wd get the blofeld and keep pushing the randomize button