I wish Marc Rebellit, Legowelt, and Daedalus would form a group

Haha, how did you come up with this odd grouping?

I’ve got an ear for sauces for example if Aladdins lamp was real and it was even possible to wish for hearing Elvis cover grandmaster flash and the furious five’s ‘the message’
or parliament funkadelic covering Bowie or Dolly Parton how would I even be able to to resist making such a wish… what about willie nelson covering Marvin Gayes let’s get it on…? that would be my make a wish foundation wish, willie would rock that f*ckin song!

Johnny cash covering Michael Jacksons rock with you

Michael Jackson covering prince’s do me baby

prince covering bob Marleys stir it up!!!

James brown covering bobby mcferrins don’t worry be happy !!!

morrisey covering James browns payback

madonna covering prince’s controversy

Bjork covering anything by blondie and blondie covering anything by Bjork !!

smoky robinson covering sigur ros

Stevie nicks covering cameo’s word up