(i) where to buy UK / Europe monomachine power supply (ii) is it ok to use this with european power adapter?


I have bought a used monomachine. the seller did not specify that the unit had an american power adapter. the power adapter has been painted over so i cannot identify the power requirements

where can i buy a suitable power supply? is it ok to use what appears to be a monomachine destined for the USA market in the UK / EU

Thank you

The monomachine is the same for the European and american market. Only the power-adapter differs.

You can get a new power-adapter from elektron.se

that’s good news! thank you

The Elektron PSUs are universal, so they’ll work on a range of voltages 100>240 - all you’d need to do is somehow ensure that the one you have is an official one and then change the IEC cable that connects the brick to the wall - also if you do need to replace ensure to get the correct one for the MNM model you have

Perhaps a picture of your psu could be compared against the og one tedo see if it’s physically the same

Either way - if you’re unsure - proceed with care, ask support, and maybe test the psu on a less valuable device if possible