I thought I understood the LFO's


I want an LFO to be synced to the start point of a pattern, to repeat in a predictable way each bar for panning.

I don’t want it to retrigger on each note, because each note should have a new pan position. So I have to use FREE.

But it seems FREE is not tempo synced, and depending on when I hit start, the panning starts at unpredictable points.

I have SPEED =8, MULTIPLIER x8 so shouldn’t that mean it’s synced?

This seems like the most rudimentary thing to do, so what am I missing?


free is tempo synced in terms of rate (assuming you have not selected a dot multiplier) - it may not sync in terms of phase - you can p-lock phase on a track or in a sound - you can do this once at the start to get a desired phase and let in run free thereafter
spd8mul8 = 64 = period of two bars - see link


This helped a lot. I haven’t had much use for trigless trigs, but triggering the LFO and making sure LFO TRIG was set in the trigger page, is what I was missing.



do trigless locks work with the trig conditions as well? then you could also reset the LFO once only during the first pass of the pattern by utilizing “1st” trig condition.

This would also work beautifully for a kick drum tail issue someone was having on this board. He also needed to reset the LFO phase, but only wanted it to do once, on the first pattern pass…


Am I wrong or even with Trigless Locks LFO is always trigged, except with FREE mode?


Ya…i thought free was free running. But it seems to advance with each trig. At least this whats displayed in the OB window.


FREE can be free if you disable LFO TRIG in TRIG MENU. It can be retriggered if LFO TRIG is on (without plocks).

But the annoying thing is that with all other modes the LFO seems retriggered whatever is LFO TRIG state. It doesn’t seem normal / logical. @Open_Mike?


I had lfo trig off (i believe :grimacing: ) ill have to check again


I’ve been sidetracked, but in good ways… Still kinda lurking on the forum here and there…
Hopefully soon I’ll have more time to get back lfo behavior analysis and other geekery… :smile: