I’m thinking of getting my son a Digitakt for his 16th birthday

My son is really into MFDoom style beats and asked me for a music making device. At first I thought well I should get him a MPC One but started thinking about it and now I think the MPC might be too complex for his skill level. Then I thought well how about a SP-404 then thought the SP-404 might be too cryptic. So I arrived at the DT, I think it would be perfect mainly because I feel it would be the easiest piece to learn. IMHO the DT is the modern day Sp 1200. He could bang out dusty hip hop on that thing for years. I’m interested in your thoughts. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks!


Sounds like a great plan. DT is one of the best purchases I have ever made. One of my first proper bits of music equipment after volcas. Its fantastic and sure he’d love it.


No advice needed, it’s a good choice and a solid piece of kit made to last.


Absolutely! I definitely want something he can grow with.


Yeah, plus it’s an audio interface as well, and it’s open enough that if he wants to branch out to another style later on, he will be able to.

DT is perfect for that


Good choice, even if/when he want to get out of the box/expand he has many routes to go:

  • excellent midi control for external boxes;
  • sample from everywhere with an Y cable
  • great DAW integration with Overbridge.
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Last Christmas I got him Volca samples and he’s made several beats with it, I think adding the DT will allow him to sample it and remix his own work.

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That was my path too. Volca samples and keys, DT then DN… and so on. DT is really intuitive and fun to use. It’s a great intro into the Elektron workflow which I love.


I agree, good choice. For a seemingly simple instrument, the Digitakt has hidden depths.
Great age to get into it. 16 year olds learn way faster than most of us on here!


What interests me is the class compliant capabilities. He has several beats he’s made on his phone with a simple looping app. How easy would it be for him to just connect a usb cable to his phone sample off it?

plug and play with the new 1.30 firmware if he has an iphone. Android might work or not depending on the manufacturer.

It’s a iPhone 8

His generation is beyond tech savvy! That being said I didn’t want to bog him down with anything too crazy. The SP404 was at the top of the list but with just a numerical display I felt it’s just too abstract.

Yes with an iPhone, he can sample in both directions over usb. As simple as can be.

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what lightning to to usb female cable would you recommend? Damned Apple with the proprietary ports

Here’s your ‘Coolest Parent of the Year’ Award


Thunderbolt 3 (USB-C) to Thunderbolt 2 Adapter

I think this is the adapter.

That’s for MAC not for iphone.

I appreciate that!

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