I love this little beastie

I was looking for an M:S Love thread, but couldn’t find one so I started my own.

MD, MM, OT, A4, DN user over the last 10 years.

Picked up a M:S largely cause I’ve been “displaced” from China for two months and my fingers were getting twiddly.

I’ve spent a few weeks with it and it’s fast becoming my “if I only had one machine…” box. I love the immediacy, the sufficient versatility and the scaled down simplicity that just makes creativity so much fun. I didn’t mind getting my head around all the other boxes, and I’ve held onto most of them, but this thing is taking me back to basics in all the right ways.

So, just a bit of gushing. I don’t mind if this gets truncated with other “hurrah’s” that I was too lazy to find.
But just sharing some appreciation for what’s become my re-entry level Elektron box.

(I actually wanted the Cycles but there were none available, so I thought this would be worth a sniff, and I wasn’t wrong. See what I can squeeze out of this before inevitably buying its Model partner)


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