I imagined a world where Sega Megadrive had a Digitone as its FM engine and made this boss battle theme

I’m slowly getting used to the Digitone’s controls. There are more buttons and more double pages than on the Digitakt, not to mention each track has a dedicated button instead of being accessed via the trigs.

While making this, it occurred to me that the Sega Megadrive had used FM to make sound effects and music, so I imagined an alternate universe where sega made the Megadrive with a Digitone inside it instead, and so this track turned into a boss theme.

All audio is coming from the Digitone, except for a limiter added in post to smooth out the transients. The drums were made of presets that I tweaked, and the rest of the patches were made from scratch.

Thanks for listening!


great to see(hear) what you can do with only four tracks of a digitone.
An all in one box wonder.

Nice track

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It reminds me of monomachine awesomeness and makes me want one.

Bass, drums, lead and pad all in one little box if you know what you’re doing.

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Thank you @milan1 and @GirTheRobot! The 4 tracks are a bit limiting compared to the Digitakt’s 8 tracks, but it’s easily solved by spreading variation across more patterns instead :smiley:

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It’s fun to see you use more patterns. …it was also fun to see what you do in one pattern with the Digitakt. Great approach to either machine. Have you played with the two together yet? :japanese_ogre:

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Thanks, @mr_bernard! I haven’t tried using both of them together yet. I just ordered a midi cable and two short jack cables. I’ve gotten a lot of good tips on reddit on how to set them up. It’s gonna be awesome :smiley:

All the superlatives. :sunglasses:

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This crushes, can’t wait to hear what you do with the DT/DN in tandem.

Side note, this reminds me a bit of a Gary Numan track, “My Name Is Ruin”.


Man that was awesome, DN love!

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Some Industrial love!

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Thank you @DJSpaceP, @Kegeratorz and @Zjenji! The comparison to My Name Is Ruin is a flattering one, thank you :smiley: .

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Good stuff! I some interesting mute technique in there, how did you do that (particularly when the track buttons were flashing)? I’ve read the manual but somehow missed that.

Edit- looks like you are just hitting FUNC. Clearly I’ve missed something, gonna crack open the manual again

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Thank you, @MasterLeader :slight_smile: Yeah, FUNC+ track mutes the track, and FUNC + BANK toggles mute mode so I can use both hands to mute tracks at the same time.

Hmm, that’s how I do it too but I don’t recall the track buttons flashing.
Also, I thought I had to continue holding FUNC while selecting which tracks to mute but it looked like you let go of FUNC before selecting the track. Am I wrong about that?

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I just reread your post and saw “toggle” in there. Can’t believe I missed that functionality.

I do wish I could “cue” mutes like an the A4 but the fact that I don’t have to hold func and track(s) is a lot better than I thought.


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