I Have Many Synths

I Have Moog Sub Phatty, Gmother, Mother-30 DFAM, MS-20, Virus TI2, and Digitone.

Digitone is my favourite.


I just barely like my prophet 6 more… Barely…and it can only do one sound at a time at more then three times the cost… So I’m not sure it is even fair… But yea… If it wasn’t for that i would never think i could like anything more.

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Buy three more Prophet 6s- problem solved!

congrats :sweat_smile:

Give us one then.

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…had many…too many…

…then i slimmed it down to THE essentials that cover it ALL…

nord lead 2 xt…elektron a 4…mam 303 clone…

only sale i regret now is moogs mini taur…
tone was great…but hmmm, bitwig is covering all the digital rest and beyond just way too good…


Sounds like a man in a market saying “I Have Many Wives”

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It’s great isn’t it?


The Digitone is my favorite as well. Not only the sound but there’s something special in how to use and program the device. I think the design language is unique and makes it really enjoyable to use.

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You can never…. oh wait no that’s VCAs :rofl: