I cleaned the volume pot then this happened

why is there a pointer on the data entry dial? makes no sense!

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Lol! I was waiting for someone to say that. Need to black it out. It’s a machined aluminum dial which is smaller. I hate the cheap nasty plastic knobs that came with the machine so pissed them off. Good component have lots of alternatives so i may end up with a different one that has no pointer.

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Finally got around to the aluminium one. Apart from the screen cut out being the wrong size (doh) I’m happy with the result, particularly the etching into the anodized finish. Just need to counter sink the screw holes, fit a screen and we’re there! If anyone is interested they can be made for around $200 AUD plus shipping.


Do you have a template for the faceplate cuts and/or the graphics that you could share?

I found someone that would do this for me in the US but I’d need a template to do it and don’t feel confident in measuring it all out myself.