I can’t seem to open edit project menu


I push [FUNC] + [BANK] but it opens a03 menu not the right menu so I can open swing so I can swing a track. Am I missing something. I read the right pages in the manual, any help?


I think it has different states depending on what recording mode you are in. Press the record button to engage or disengage grid recording and try the button combo again.


Can you make a video and show me I tried that it didn’t work. Is it normal? Should I try it in project 1 first? Maybe I’ll try a new one and see if it’s a settings problem…


@PersianHugs, are you sure you need a video for that? :slight_smile:
Edit : I forgot that confusing thing, but the concerned button is next to the play button. :wink:
I guess you have an OT MKI?


I’m saying I did that and it didn’t help and I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. Yes it’s a mk1


A picture maybe?
If you want to open Track Trig Edit menu (including Swing), press Fn+Bank in Grid Recording mode (press Rec button next to Play button, the red led must be on).

Press Down arrow to edit Swing.
Eventually place strigs, use Level knob to increase track swing, Fn+Level for all tracks.


What does slide do? Does that adjust where I put the trigs on the grid? Thanks a bunch. I’m dyslexic I need to find a new faceplate mines worn off I was doing the wrong combo… thanks for that your help


Slide trigs make a transition between concerned trig and next trig parameters, plocked or not.

Not a surprise with your big claws. :wink: