Humble suggestion

Hi guys,

Loving the forum and been a light user for a couple of years now.

I’m just here checking in with a small pitch. Maybe it’s cool to flesh out the community aspect of the forum a bit more by adding a place for more technical and artistic questions that aren’t only elektron or hardware related.

Things like finding your voice/workflow, routing, processing, overcoming artistic ruts, challenging rules or even general life questions of what it means to be an artist/musician. I feel apart from “general discussion” most categories in the lounge are gear related creating a big emphasis on music tech hardware when making music.

I know it’s an elektron and music tech forum and its great the way as is, so take this idea lightly. It’s just something that accrued to me this sunny Friday morning:)


There might not be enough for your taste, but I feel like there are a few discussion subjects that would fit your description.

Of course this forum is gear oriented for a reason.

Another aspect is that many “general life” questions have known a sad end because there are people that don’t know how to feed properly/respectfully a discussion that displays different positions (cynicism, trolling, half-humor, confrontational arguments, flame wars or even ad hominem attacks bring a discussion down pretty quickly).

So yes, I salute your intention and embrace any effort in such direction, and hope we can indeed talk about everything with all due respect.


True! I have to say I do get by, the way you put it makes sense. Thanks for taking the time to reply.