How would I integrate the Keystep and Microcosm to my DT and DN setup?


I’m new to all this and I’m loving my 2 Elektrion devices (Digitakt and Digitone) which I’ve connect together with the Digitakt sending the clock to the Digitone, plus I use the headphones from the Digitone.

Anyway I’m getting a Keystep 37 and a early in 2022 the Microcosm to complete my setup.

Now what is troubling me is what do I need to do to connect the Keystep to the Digitone and the Microcosm to the current setup I have?

I would need more cables, but anything else?


I would probably buy a MIDI Thru box to connect the Keystep to the two devices. Daisy chaining MIDI is for the birds. I used a MIDI Solutions one for years, but you may want one that has its own power source. I just think it’ll help avoid a few possible headaches and if you decide to add more to your setup it’ll me more helpful.

For the Microcosm, even with just devices I’d suggest a small mixer with an FX send/return so you can use it on either device at the same time. But that’s just me. Even if you want to use it as an insert FX the mixer would still be a boon as you could EQ and level the two devices and get a bit of a better mix potentially.

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