How to Update Digitone Firmware

Here is a fast guide to getting it done!


Always appreciate the person who takes the time to do it to help other persons.
Thank you


Thank you sir, this helped me ALOT, being new to elektron gear… this was essential! Thank you for making and sharing it!

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Thanks. Will do this tonight and hopefully be able to try overbridge!

Does the update erase patches or songs you have saved? Do you have to back everything up and reload it all after the update?

No but it’s a good idea to back up incase you need to roll back. That way you have copies of the projects that haven’t been converted.

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Thank you

What does “roll back” mean?

It’s the reverse operation of an update (taking back changes).

Update == “roll out” features
Revert update (going back to a previous state) == “roll back”