How to transfer waveform to monomachine on Catalina?

Hello !

Is there a process that works ? for example does SOX + sysex librarian work to upload waveform to the monomachine ?



Here’s what worked for me, but it’s a bloated solution.

  1. Download VMware Fusion for free from VMware.

  2. Download Windows 10 disc image for free from Microsoft. It has so far been a never ending trial, kinda like Reaper, so eventually you “should” buy a license. Point VMware at this image.

  3. Reach out to Elektron for the latest copy of C6. It works in 64bit Windows on BigSur anyway, even though it’s a 32bit program.

  4. When you start your virtual machine make sure to turn on your midi interface in the VMware toolbar’s USB settings.

Pretty ridiculous way for me to get C6 to work but it does. People keep suggesting I use sysex librarian for midi sample dumps, but I’m just so used to C6. I guess being able to open Windows when I need to is kinda nice too.

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i hope it is not the only path :wink:

i’ve tried sysex library i convert my sample to SDS to sysex ans try to upload them in the monomachine but it failed seems the mono needs a special handshake before accepting them …

OK i have tested ,
there is some problem with VMWare Fusion Free version with Catalina.

So here what it has worked for me :

download virtual box for OS X :
Virtual Box
Download an iso for windows (i took the 7)
is windows 7
Install windows on virtual box
run windows
download chrome / firefox (install it on windows)
download C6 and your soundcard or midicard windows driver
Install both
run C6 and enjoy :wink:

only works on INTEL pc’s or Macs, Fusion doesn’t work on new Apple M1 chips