How to sync my Octatrack Mkii with the clock from Luna or Logic DAWs?

Hello. I’ve got a whole arrangement prepared on my Octatrack. However I want to be able to mix eack track separately so would like to record eack track one at a time and edit them together in Luna/Logic.

However, I haven’t yet recorded anything with my Octatrack and am having a hard time figuring out how to sync the clocks together between the DAW and the OT. I am hopefully using my Mio Connectivity MIDI to USB cable to help me do this.

I’ve researched enough to hear that most people don’t seem to have much luck getting the OT to follow along with any DAWs. So should I be trying to go the other way around?

Can anyone please walk me through step by step on how I should set this up in my DAW/OT?

To be clear, I’d like to record eack of the 8 tracks separately and then piece them together in the DAW. THANKS!

Hi, your DAW must be your master clock. Just set the OT to receive clock and transport messages (in project/midi/sync) and configure your DAW to send them to your Mio ports. Set tempo on the DAW. Hit start on the DAW, OT should start. It might not be the tightest sync ever, but the job will be done. You might find that all of your audio will be offset to the grid by some amount. Just finish to record all tracks not worrying about that, and once finished, select all tracks and nudge them back or forth to match the grid. That’s about all there is to it. If you’re not satisfied with the sync, to do better you’d need either an overbridge enabled device like the DigiTone to act as a clock gateway, or a ERM multiclock…

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