How to stop Reaper starting Digitone on playback

Hi all,

I’d like some help making sure Reaper doesn’t start Digitone playing, every time I press play on Reaper. I’ve turned off all Sync options in Digitone but it still seems to send a control message to play it.

Any ideas?


Anything related to transport controls ?
And definitely turned off ext midi sync on digitone and any sync send on reaper ?

I’m just asking generic things , I’ve never used reaper and haven’t turned on digitone for months.

I can’t find sync send toggles in reaper (have asked on their forum) but all sync/transport controls are off on Digitone.

My workaround is to delete the Digitone virtual instrument from any tracks that I want to hear.

In Options / Preferences, under Audio -> MIDI Devices

Double-click on the output device, disable ‘Send clock to the device’.

On Digitone, did you disable Transport Receive, too?
Either one should do the trick.

This :slight_smile:

Amazing thanks guys. Too late to try now but will hit it asap tomorrow. Sounds like you solved it.

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In Reaper, the Digitone is disabled under Midi Devices.

In Digitone every item in the sync menu is disabled.

Yet Reaper still starts playback on the Digitone.

I’m stuck!

Are you using the Digitone VST? If so, there’s a ‘Sync’ dropdown menu in the top bar of the plugin window, with options to only send clock, or both clock and transport, or none.


Wow I totally missed that drop down menu. SOLVED.

Thank you.