How to record played notes from Keystep keyboard



I have an Arturia KeyStep connected to my Digitakt so when I press record on it and start playing on my Keyboard I expected the Digitakt to record something! It doesn’t…

No matter which configurations I do the Digitakt doesn’t record any note when I play and also doesn’t even show the Chromatic scale when in record mode, so I don’t have any way to record chromatic notes :open_mouth:

Any help?


Make sure you have a sample loaded into that Track in the “assign” menu.

Make sure chromatic mode is on by presing Func+TRK

To live record its Rec+Play, then just start playing your keyboard.

To grid record just press record, hold a trig and press a note on your keyboard.


Can it be done on MIDI tracks too?


yea same way, just setup the correct midi channel to whatever you are trying to send midi to.


Set your keystep to MIDI CH 10 - Shift + 10. Its DTs MIDI Auto channel so you will play any track that is selected.