How to make Digitone reset the pattern on midi start

Currently if I have Digitone playing along with Ableton via MIDI over USB, when I stop and start Ableton, Digitone will start playing again from the middle of the pattern.

Is there a setting or way to make Digitone reset to the start of the pattern when it gets a MIDI stop or start message from Ableton?

I can press stop twice on the Digitone, but would have thought there would be a way to make this happen automatically.

Any ideas?

Enable ‚Äútransport receive‚ÄĚ under midi sync settings.

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Sounds like Digitone receives a pause message instead of stop. Check Ableton.
DN restarts from beginning after a stop.

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I’ve actually already got “transport receive" turned on. Still nothing.
Although that definitely sounds like it should do the trick.

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Ah, figured it out.

In Ableton, the MIDI output for the Digitone needs to be set to PATTERN in the MIDI Clock Type dropdown.

Mine was set to SONG.