How to go back a level in sample browser?

Can someone tell me how to go back a level in sample browser? If I press No I go back to the main menu. Otherwise it seems you have to scroll back up to top of list and select … which is quite awkward if you have hundreds of samples in a folder. Have i missed a shortcut?

That is the way it’s done. Func plus up or down makes it scroll faster.

You really should consider reading the manual.

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You have to go all the way up to the … at the top, to go up a level, its just an extra step. Its bad in that you have to take it to do a simple thing but the thing about Elektron is that they are so open ended. You could use this feature to your advantage by keeping that page in the background and testing different samples rather than going through the entire directory structure again. 6 of one, 1/2 dozen of another, then Elektron shows up with a dumptruck. :smile:

Function up down works, thanks

I just found that pressing down on the Level / Data knob while in the sample browser takes you straight to the top. Not sure if that’s in the manual


From the manual, one of the first things in the sample section

"To exit a directory and back one step up in the directory hierarchy, select the item labeled “…” at the very top of the screen and press [YES]. Do this repeatedly to return to the top of the directory hierarchy. You can also press [FUNC] + [RIGHT] to open a directory and [FUNC] + [LEFT] to exit a directory. "

Thanks, I read the manual. I was looking for a way to jump back with out having to go to the top. I found shortcut now (Push on Level / Data knob). Works perfect!

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Ist the navigation different from the OT? I simply use left arrow button.

Yes, but I figured I would share cause it’s exactly what you were asking. How to get forward and back a directory without scrolling back to the top. Which is function left or function right, this will take you back or forward a directory as in the text I quoted.
It’s Great that you also figured out that pressing the level encoder jumps you to the top of the list as well.

This needs to go into the Digitakt Unofficial Guide. l’ll throw that in there. There’s a lot of good stuff there that could easily be replicated in the manual :smile:

Oh mate I’m sorry I totally misread your post! Thanks, function left right works perfect!!

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Cool, glad my inability to follow written instructions helped in some way! I’ll check out the guide :slight_smile:

GOOOOD stuff in there man. Definitely check it. Its also a wiki so you can contribute directly to the guide instead of just posting. I think some people don’t know that you can edit it. Follow the format and it works great. I’ve added a bunch of stuff to it and word is that one of the Elektron guys that writes the manuals keeps an eye on that thread for stuff to potentially add proper. Have fun!

FUNC + left arrow

This will navigate upward in a folder three on the Digitakt. No need to scroll up and select the “…” unless you want to.

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Cool, got it now thanks

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Yeah I use that one all the time too, forgot to mention it. Will plug that in the guide sometime. The muscle memory and really just pure genius of the UI is what gets me every time. If I “think” I should be able to do something, I can usually figure it out with a few key combinations. Like clearing the LFO page by doing LFO - CLEAR , etc… Muscle memory is great and figuring things out is great too, I go through the manual every once in a while just to get reminders of the things I don’t do on the regular. Or sometimes things just click that hadn’t before. Oodles of fun :smile:

Each page for the sound editor (TRIG, SRC, FLTR, AMP, and LFO) may also be copied, cleared, and pasted. However, editor pages for the sampler can only be pasted to other sampler tracks, and MIDI editor pages can only be pasted to other MIDI tracks.
(TRIG|SRC|FLTR|AMP|LFO)+COPY: Copies all settings of the selected editor page into memory.
(TRIG|SRC|FLTR|AMP|LFO)+CLEAR: Clears all settings of the selected editor page.
(TRIG|SRC|FLTR|AMP|LFO)+PASTE: Pastes all settings to the selected editor page. The editor page target must be the same as the editor page copy, otherwise this will have no effect.

Afaik midi page copying doesn’t work.

I dont use enough midi to have dug into it. I have used the DT to sequence synths but the majority is just receiving and sending master clock and pressing stop and play in FLStudio while I plonk around.