How to get that bell sound


Trying to get this kind of bell sound with my A4 and no luck, please share your ideas if you have such experience
Probably it can be easy on Digitone?

Thank you!


General techniques that may be useful to keep in mind.


Nice track. It seems that it could be two layered sounds. Pulse or Triangle/pulse wave. If I remember correctly the best thing for bell sounds is ring modulation. Not sure A4 can do that.

  1. Select the high pass filter with filter 2 and make it self oscillate. Set the key track to 32 and use this self-oscillating sound as the base tone.
  2. Make amplitude modulation with oscillators 1 and 2 to make a metallic sound.
  3. Cut high frequency with filter 1


Sample it on the Digitone, then just pitch up or down. Done!


Filtered resonant detuned square waves can make all kinds of bell sounds, personally approaching this kind of sound I’d be inclined to get the amp envelope right first, then it is just a case of experimenting with tuning and modulation of the oscillators pitch, and possibly also getting the filter to ring a little to emulate the strike and subsequent pitch descent of a bell.


Hold my beer whilst I convert my Digitone to a sampler :rofl: Sorry could not resist :joy:


an exemple of osc AM on analog keys used for metallic sounds:


New sampling feature, or just a beer holder add on?


A beer holder elektron add on? What could possibly go wrong!!??? :joy:


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You haven’t unlocked that feature yet?


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what do you mean “amplitude modulation with oscillators 1 and 2” ?
Many thanks!


You’re just about to open a whole new world for yourself if you start looking into AM :joy:


Ahh, my mistake, yes, second page of OSC2. I didn’t know it is amplitude modulation.




Did you understand about amplitude modulation?
If you use a square wave as a modulator, you will feel effect of AM.

Clean bell sound example
Square wave(AM) :arrow_right: Triangle wave


well, yes, I’ve got some interesting sounds. I still can’t make sharp and metallic timbre. It is or too much soft and attack is weak, or too much like synth. I like to play with AM1 sync value.
Got it this night